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Pleas to get Summerhill works going

SUMMERHILL locals are “beginning to lose their patience” with traffic detours introduced as part of Ennis’ temporary Covid-19 mobility plan. Calls have now been made for planned road improvements at Summerhill to be expedited due to the “inconvenience” residents have endured. A meeting of the Ennis Municipal District heard the job is part of this year’s road works programme, and is dependent on completion dates of improvements to a section of the Parnell Street Public Realm and the Temporary Covid-19 Ennis Town Centre Mobility Management Plan. Mayor of Ennis, Councillor Paul Murphy raised the issue welcoming the inclusion of Summerhill in the roadworks programme and urging that they take place “in as timely a manner as possible”. Seconding the motion, Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy stated, “We are all in agreement that these works should be prioritised. These people have been very patient.” Summerhill residents have “put up enough with traffic going up and down,” said Councillor Pat Daly: “I realise …

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Brass band’s 50th noted and will be celebrated in time

Plans to honour group that has been instrumental in Clare’s cultural life ‘when the time is right’ THE instrumental role that the Ennis Brass Band have played in the county has been highlighted this week with plans now underway to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Local representatives in the Ennis Municipal District have agreed to mark the historic anniversary, however because of Covid-19 it is unclear when the celebration will take place and what form it will take. Councillor Ann Norton, at the monthly meeting of the local authority, proposed that the band be honoured for “their work and dedication to the town and county”. The motion was widely agreed with tributes paid to the work of those involved in the band. Putting forward the motion, Councillor Norton said she was “very conscious of the fact we are in a pandemic” but she believed it was appropriate to bring to the attention of the Council that the Ennis Brass Band is …

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Frustration as busy junction works are delayed again by TII

THE “huge frustration” felt by residents awaiting works to be carried out at the junction of the Shanaway Road and the N85 Lahinch Road has been highlighted, as the route to the coast is expected to become even busier with the resumption of travel within the county this week. A meeting of the Ennis Municipal District heard this week that revised design options are being prepared by the Council’s Road Design Office following a request from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). Councillor Mary Howard raised the issue in a notice of motion asking for an update on “proposed traffic controls” at the junction which sees traffic “backed up every day”, describing the current situation as “crazy”. The councillor questioned if there had been any recent engagement with TII; what funding has been allocated for the project; has there been engagement with local property owners and is there a proposed timeline to start and complete the necessary works? John Gannon, senior executive …

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Traffic and speed surveys to be carried out at road described as a “rat run”

THE road in the Tobarteascáin area of Ennis is being used as a ‘rat run’ prompting calls from residents for speed ramps to be installed in the area. The Ennis Municipal District has confirmed that traffic and speed surveys are to be carried out in the location. Highlighting the matter at the monthly meeting of the local authority, Councillor Mary Howard stated, “I have received numerous complaints from residents from Tobarteascáin regarding ongoing traffic issues.” She said, “There are certain sections of the road where people can’t cross because of the speed of the traffic. It’s being used as a rat run and it’s only getting worse.” She added that drivers are “going around corners at speed” and she urged that more speed ramps be installed. The motion was seconded by Councillor Johnny Flynn who acknowledged the improvement works that have been carried out in the area in recent years. “Unfortunately with upgrades to roads some drivers don’t take into …

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Ennis temporary Covid-19 town centre mobility plan due for review

ENNIS’ Temporary Covid-19 Town Centre Mobility Plan, resulting in parts of the town closed to traffic, has been described as “very conservative” with calls being made for restrictions to be lessened. The Ennis Municipal District have confirmed that a review of the plan is scheduled to take place after the current lock-down measures are eased. Speaking at the monthly meeting of the local authority, Councillor Pat Daly urged that the council and the mobility stakeholder group keep the traffic situation under constant review with a view to re-opening selected streets if the county’s Covid numbers continue to improve. He said that many business owners are “tired and upset” over the ongoing street closures. “The pandemic has caused severe damage to their livelihoods” he said, expressing the hope that there may be “light at the end of the tunnel” in the near future. Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy voiced her support to the motion, saying the pandemic has been “very, very hard …

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Call for Joint Policing sub-committee to tackle anti-social behaviour in Ennis

ENNIS is “becoming a problem area” with calls being made for the setting up of a special Joint Policing sub-committee with a specific focus on the county capital. This week’s meeting of the Ennis Municipal District saw councillors raise concerns about anti-social behaviour which has been linked to the use of tourist buildings as homeless accommodation. Residents of Hermitage and Considine’s Terrace in Ennis have reported anti-social behaviour including incidences of drug dealing and intimidation associated with some living in Ashford Court under the Winter Initiative Project. While concerns have also been raised about residents at Westbrook House, a former bed and breakfast on the Gort Road being used for emergency accommodation. Councillor Johnny Flynn raised the issue at the meeting, requesting a report on the planning and development status of the ongoing homeless and emergency accommodation use of tourist accommodation buildings at both Ashford Court, and Westbrook.  He insisted that all councillors are “fully committed” to providing social housing. However …

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Light needs to be shed on “dangerous” road in Ennis

A “DANGEROUS” stretch of road in Ennis needs to be lit up with more and more walkers using the route, a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District has been told. Councillor Mark Nestor proposed at the meeting that the local authority request Clare County Council “explore the possibility of installing public lighting on the Golf Links road”. The councillor said that he has received numerous complaints about the lack of lighting from members of the public saying it is a popular location for walkers. “They told me this is a very dangerous stretch of road in the darkness. We are all very much aware that we are limited to our 5km due to Covid-19 restrictions and this is a very popular loop,” he said. Eamon O’Dea, Senior Engineer, responded, “The Ennis Municipal District recommended planning conditions on developments at Ballymacaulla, Beechpark for a special contribution to cover the cost of the provision of public lighting on Circular Road from Golf …

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Older residents in parts of Ennis “feeling very isolated”

OLDER residents of Ennis are “feeling very isolated” because of the condition of footpaths during cold spells, a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District has heard. The growing numbers of people enjoying the outdoors during the latest lock-down has prompted calls on the local authority to ensure footpaths are safe and salted during cold spells. Councillor Ann Norton raised the issue at a recent meeting of the local authority where she pointed out that there are now many people out walking as Covid restrictions are preventing people from going outside of 5km. “I’m asking the Ennis Municipal District to make sure that footpaths are safe and maintained and with cold icy weather that footpaths are salted where possible to prevent accidents.” Eamon O’Dea, senior engineer, responded, “As cold spells in Ireland are normally of short duration it is difficult to structure a maintenance schedule for footpath salting or gritting. Where cold weather conditions prevail the key access point within the …

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