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I got some lovely presents and cards for my birthday.

Daisy’s 14th Birthday

Usually it’s myself who uses my bone allowance to bring the pawrents away for a weekend but early last Thursday I was unceremoniously put into the car, along with lots of luggage and we headed off to an unknown destination. Our first stop was at Kildare Village, where we met our friend Elaine, from Cork. While herself and Elaine went off shopping, himself and I sat down for a dogguccino and a virtual car launch. Initially, they wouldn’t let me into the centre at all but himself foxed them by carrying me in. There’s always a way around things. After a while, it was back into the car and heading East. I had a good feeling and of course, I was right – BrookLodge – and my boyfriend Niall, not to mention George and Lewis. We got settled in our usual room and before long, we were in the bar having a lovely dinner. Of course I just had my …

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Taking a bow after my performance.

Daisy Bow Wows in La Bohème at UCH

I’ve been a TV star in the past and of course, I’m a media personality through these columns but it’s hard to believe at my age, I haven’t been on stage. A few weeks ago I spotted the chance to rectify that when browsing the world wide woof I spotted a story on the ’Champion’s website. Ellen Kent Opera were looking for a dog to appear onstage for La Bohème. As it’s a Poochini opera, I thought I’d be perfect for the part so I dusted off my resumé and sent it on. After all, La Bohème features my favourite aria, ‘Your tiny Paw is Frozen’. Lo and behold, a few weeks later I got an email telling me that from all the dogs in Munster who had applied, I got the call. I howled with excitement, but I was really only practising my high C in readiness for my début. So, last Thursday afternoon, I hopped into the car …

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Andy Irvine to perform at Cultúrlann Sweeney

LEGENDARY Irish singer-songwriter Andy Irvine is coming to perform at Cultúrlann Sweeney, Kilkee on Easter Saturday, April 8. Having travelled the world with bands such as Sweeney’s Men, Patrick Street, Planxty and, more recently, Mozaik, Andy continues to pursue new combinations and styles of music. He has broadened his musical horizons over the course of his 40-year career to encompass the musical styles of countries he visits, such as the Balkan folk style of playing. After his introduction to the world of touring with Sweeney’s Men in 1965, he continued to travel the world, leaving the band in 1968 to pursue his wanderlust. He travelled through Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia, studying the music traditions and styles of these nations. It was these journeys, which led him to adopt the bouzouki in his performance. This new instrument allowed him to develop his own style while learning that of the Balkan countries he visited. On his return to Ireland, Andy formed Planxty …

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Daisy and St Patrick

I’m a big fan of St Patrick. Anyone who gets rid of those nasty snakes is alright by me. I really wanted to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style this year so I got onto my favourite couturiers, AG Dog Fashion and had them send me a lovely dress for the occasion. As a special surprise, they included a second dress so I was really well set up for the celebrations. But where to go? Of course there was only one destination – Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, where they were putting on a special Shamrocks and Shenanigans event. Being photographed is hungry work so I made sure to build up my strength by insisting on a visit to my favourite eatery, The Buttery in Limerick, before we headed back to Bunratty. And what a time I had in Bunratty. I met all my friends, including St Patrick himself so I’d be safe from snakes. I also met the Seanachaí, …

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Daisy readies herself for the start of the film.

Daisy gets Oscar Fever

Well, I caught Oscar fever this week. Inspired by the 14 Irish nominations, I decided that I was going to the movies, come what may. I went onto the world wide woof and discovered that there was a dog-friendly screening of Legally Blonde at the Pálás Cinema, in Galway. It’s a small arts cinema and it seems they’ve been putting these events on for some years and I never knew. I got some tips from my friend Lassie and herded the hoomans into the car and barked directions in their ears and it wasn’t long before we arrived, rushing indoors before the rain came down. Of course I was wearing my favourite designer, AG Dog Fashion but there was no sign of a red carpet for me. I really must have a word with my agent. We were first to arrive but shortly we were joined by lots of lovely dogs and their hoomans. We doggies had a lovely meetup …

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Daisy on her Valentine's date with Lily Finnegan.

Daisy’s Valentine Date with Lily

Well, it all started before Christmas, when my friend Bev and I received the loveliest card from Lily Finnegan, a 91 year old lady, who lives near Gort. She follows my adventures in the paper and even keeps the cuttings of my articles. My number one fan! Lily loves cats and dogs but she said she especially loves me. I was so happy to get the card that I was nearly in tears and determined that I had to meet Lily. From her card, I knew she lived beside the Round Tower in Kilmacduagh, but how to make contact in secret? As a roving reporter, it was easy. I went onto the world wide woof and saw that there was a B&B right beside the tower. Surely they’d know Lily? I got the hoomans to ring, as on the phone, all barks sound the same and besides, I’m deaf so the phone is useless to me. We got through to …

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Cliodhna craics code with fun school STEM programme

A SHANNON student has been recognised at a national science event for her innovative app that helps visually and hearing-impaired people navigate buildings. Cliodhna Forrestal, 16, from St Patrick’s Comprehensive, was awarded  second place  in the Technology Software category at Teen Turn SciFest, a competition promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Her project was one of 47 exhibiting at the event in Dublin along with five others  from the Comp.  The app called ‘Project Breadcrumbs’ helps visually or hearing impaired people to find their way around buildings.  In order to learn how to code and to develop her app from a small idea into a real project, Cliodhna worked with Teen-Turn’s Project Squad. Project Squad is a 12-week after-school programme that partners girls with a mentor, who supports them to bring their science idea to life. Before working with Teen-Turn Cliodhna had never coded and had no idea how to go about developing an app from scratch. “Starting off …

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Community the theme for Ennis St Patrick’s Day Parade 2023

THIS year’s Ennis St Patrick’s Day parade will celebrate ‘Communities in Action’ as it wends its way through the streets from 11am on March 17. The Ennis Municipal District are inviting individuals, groups, clubs and societies from across Clare to participate in the 2023 Ennis St Patrick’s Day parade. The local authority stated it was looking forward to its regular participants showcasing their talents again this year while also encouraging new groups and individuals to take the plunge, submit an entry and get in on the fun. The deadline to apply to get involved is Thursday, February 16. Mayor of Ennis, Councillor Clare Colleran-Molloy commented, “The St. Patrick’s Day parade is a wonderful event where people from all over Clare unite, from the world of sports and the arts in addition to our many community groups to celebrate our Irish culture. “I would like to thank all the other agencies, who work alongside Ennis Municipal District to co-ordinate this event.” …

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