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A general view of the overgrowth on the river at Corrovorrin, Ennis. Photograph by John Kelly

Flooding fears among Ennis residents due to overgrowth in river

RESIDENTS living in an Ennis housing estate close to the Corrovorrin River are “concerned” that “significant” overgrowth in the river may lead to flooding, a meeting of local councillors has heard.

The Ennis Municipal District at their recent meeting were requested by Councillor Johnny Flynn to arrange for the cutting back of growth and a clean up of the “overgrown Corrovorrin River” particularly at the bridge into Corrovorrin estate itself.

The councillor described the river as “very important piece of the river network” which helps to deflect flood waters, alongside having value as an amenity.

“The residents of Corrovorrin are concerned, the growth is quite significant, and they are concerned that any potential flood water might come on on the estate.”

He referred to the “fantastic plans” contained within the Ennis 2040 document to develop a Wetlands and Enterprise Area, “linking the lung of Ennis” to the east of the town, expanding into lands between the town and the M18.

Ennis 2040 highlights the opportunity to develop a modern enterprise zone over a 20 year period, with the Wetland and Enterprise Area offering the potential in the medium to long term to accommodate economic activities required to grow Ennis as a location for significant employment.

The plan envisages an upgrade of the M18, neighbourhood centres consisting of mixed use developments, a village centre incorporating housing and commercial / retail uses, enterprise zones, public open spaces along the River Fergus with the creation of boardwalks and nature paths, a managed wetland park, forest park, sports pitches, community gardens, amenity areas and pedestrian and cycling links.

Responding to the motion, Eamon O’Dea, Senior Executive Engineer, outlined the Ennis Municipal District carried out a substantial clean-up of the Fergus Minor – Corovorrin River in recent years. The council, “will examine the location adjacent to the Corovorrin Bridge. Any works in this area will require environmental assessments, engagement with the NPWS and to be carried outside the nesting season,” he said.

Councillor Flynn welcomed the clean up of the river in recent years. “This is a very important stretch of river and we need to protect it,” he said. He urged further clean ups take place for “biodiversity reasons as well as amenity”. The motion was seconded by Mayor of Ennis, Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy.

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