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O’Callaghan’s election a surprise to many

THE new six seat Killaloe Electoral Area has seen two changes to the current makeup with the election of one newcomer, Kilmurry man Alan O’Callaghan (FF), and the return of Killaloe’s Tony O’Brien (FF). The four returning for a consecutive term are O’Callaghan’s Mills man Joe Cooney (FG), Pat Hayes (FF), Michael Begley (NP), and Pat Burke (FG). Alan O’Callaghan’s election came as a surprise to many as it was expected that former county councillor Colm Wiley’s son Liam Wiley would take the surplus Fianna Fáil vote in the region. However, the Kilmurry man netted 140 more first preference votes than Liam Wiley. Although both continued to climb the story was all but told when the majority of Niamh O’Brien’s (FN) votes were distributed in the fifth count to O’Callaghan. At this stage the Kilmurry man had 1,100 votes, and Liam Wiley had 958. Commenting on his performance, newly elected Councillor O’Callaghan said, “I didnt think it would go on …

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Family work as hard as candidates says Nagle

Councillor Richard Nagle, (FF) has been re-elected to Clare County Council. Shortly after 6pm Councillor Nagle was elected as the second councillor to West Clare, after Christy Curtin (NP). Councillor Nagle paid tribute to his canvassers and all who had helped him get elected, especially his family, “who have seen very little of me over the last three months and did everything possible to support me and put up with my moods during the campaign.” “It is equally as tough on family members as it is on the candidate because during a long campaign, extending over three months candidates have various mood swings going from highs to lows and the people living with them have to put up with those mood swings and everyone in my family helped out in several ways, not just in one way and it is as difficult, if not more difficult, for family members as it is for the candidate. Today is one of the …

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Last seats secured in Killaloe

It was touch and go for sitting Councillor Pat Burke (FG) all day as early tallies indicated he could have been in trouble, but all three of the last seats in the Killaloe Electoral Area were filled together just before 1am. Tony O’Brien (FF), Pat Burke (FG) and newcomer Alan O’Callaghan (FF) all came in with seats following the distribution of eliminated candidate Liam Wiley’s (FF) votes. Councillor Burke said he was much happier coming to the count centre on Saturday night after early tallies proved to have been out by approximately a hundred votes. He said he is delighted to be returning to the council chamber for a new five year term. The Whitegate man added that he was disappointed with the Fine Gael performance after Clare’s outgoing mayor Joe Arkins (FG) lost his seat. However he said he was happy for his party colleague Joe Cooney who has topped the poll once more.

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