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140719 Kathleen Pierce during the Best Colt Foal judging at the County Show in Ennis on Sunday.Pic Arthur Ellis.

County Agricultural Show attracts thousands of visitors

THE Clare County Show went ahead last Sunday, in superb weather conditions with temperatures running as high as 25 degrees.

The crowd exceeded expectations with up to 3,000 people on the grounds at peak time.

“It was an outstanding success and possibly the best show we have had for the past 20 years,” show chairman, Joe Lillis, commented.

“Our show jumping figures had 400 entries and the programme finished at 8pm.  Our cattle entries were 60% up on 2018, as were our horse showing entries, while miniature horses and donkey showing were in good supply.  Trade stands and machinery filled one section of the grounds.  Our dog show was very entertaining and entries exceeded 100. The arts, crafts and horticulture sections doubled in entries from last year while  the highlight of our indoor section was the small animal pet farm,” Mr Lillis added.

The winner of the Champion Young Horse of the Show (De Valera Cup) was Cyril Stevens, Cranny and the winner of the Thomond Brood Mare competition was Dermot O’Sullivan, Kildysart.

The following are the showjumping results:

Class 1 : 128-90  Cash Company Perpetual Cup: 1st) T Moloney’s ‘Rosslayne Rob Boy’ (Tommy Moloney), 2nd) Sparkling Equines   ‘Sparkling Ruby May’ (Kian Dore), 3rd) Sparkling Equines ‘Lackaghmore Katie’ (Kian Dore), 4th) J Burns ‘Monserrat Seamist’ (Elsie Carey), 5th) K Rushes ‘LLS Easy Peasy’ (Tommy Moloney), 6th) K Whelans ‘Drumcaghey Jacko’ (Shane Whelan).

Class 2: 128 Meter  Liffey Van Lines, NYC Perpetual Cup. 1st) S Brosnans ‘Miss Valentine’ (Jackson Brosnan), 2nd) Sparkling Equines ‘Sparkling Miss Leglands’ (Kian Dore), 3rd) M Bolands ‘Coppenagh Viking’ (Kian Dore), 4th) S Egans ‘Shanvally Lily’ (David Egan), 5th) G & J Penfolds ‘Grantstown Snoopy’ (Zoe Penfold), 6th) K Whelan’s ‘Drumcaghey Jacko’ (Shane Whelan).

Class 3: 138 Meter Gerry Costello Perpetual Cup: 1st) A Duffy’s ‘Trendy Little Captain’ (Charlie Keane), 2nd) M Costellos ‘Send him Down’ (Andrew Costello), 3rd) M Meads ‘Ard Fhionain Spring Time’ (Zoe Penfold), 4th) C Keanes ‘Bawnmore Clover’ (Charlie Keane), 5th) E Mc Kiernans ‘Carnhill Tulip’ (Moya Mc Kiernan), 6th) Y Madden’s ‘Kiltormer Grey Alert’ (Andrea Coffey), 7th) K O’Sullivans ‘Connor Mara’ (Sarah O’Sullivan).

Class 4: 138 1.10 Linda Gallagher Perpetual Cup.   *No clear first round so placings was based on faults / time. Cup raffled and presented to Daisy Mc Namara.  1st) A Duffy’s ‘Trendy Little Captain’ (Charlie Keane), 2nd) M Costello’s ‘Send him Down’ (Andrew Costello), 3rd) M Mc Namaras ‘Mayfield Celebration’ (Daisy Mc Namara), 4th) M O’Callaghans ‘Thorndonpark Archer’ (Cian O’Callaghan), 5th) K Whelan’s ‘Coppenagh Celtic Diva’ ( Aoife Whelan), 6th) C Maguires ‘Gowerhass Boy’ (Lily Maguire).

Class 5: 148-1.10  Hannon Perpetual Cup.   1st) E Costelloes ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ (Samuel Costelloe),  2nd) M Costello’s ‘Moy Dancer’ (Andrew Costello),  3rd) S Duggans ‘Kiltiernan Bella’ (Sean C. Duggan),  4th) M Hynes ‘Marylins Mist’ (Ronan O’Callaghan),  5th) G Daly’s ‘Ti Chip Again’ (Rue Mc Namara), 6th: S Egans ‘Katie’s Girl’ (Brian Egan), 7th) D O’Briens ‘Kingdom Connie’ (Alex O’Brien).

Class 6: Horse 1.10 Beamish Perpetual Cup. 1st) G Mc Namaras ‘Master Holiday’ (Sarah Fitzgerald), 2nd) B Moran’s ‘European Cruise’ (Robyn Moran), 3rd) A Hodgins ‘Bobello’ (Andrew Hodgins), 4th) B Moran’s ‘Mornane Aragon’ (Robyn Moran), 5th) G&J Penfolds ‘Market Angel’ (Harriet Penfold), 6th) M Lillis ‘Portglorian Cruise’ (Paul Mc Dermott).

Class 7: Horse 1.25 Grand Prix  Turbridy Perpetual Cup.  1st) Y Meaney’s ‘Norway Venture’ (Sarah Fitzgerald), 2nd) E Doherty’s ‘Woodviews Willow’ (David Moran),  3rd) L Younges ‘Bellfield Flight’ (Lorraine Younge), 4th) L Klymenkos ‘Sardonyx’ (David Moran), 5th) M Burke’s ‘CES Sunny Cruise’ (Robbie Clancy), 6th) T Glynns ‘Inschalla CZ’ (Tara Glynn).

Class 8: 128 50cm Walter Reape 🇮🇪 League:

Equal first / clear rounds: E Dore’s ‘Cill Chan Kenny’ (Jack Dore), M Horgan’s ‘Mylestown Lady’ (Orla Verkade), A Hynes ‘Gleninagh Inis Dom (Annie Hynes), C Considines ‘Kilgobbin Molly’ (Oisin Considine), N.A Dennehys ‘Simply Dancer’ (Glen Dennehy), F Mangans ‘Kitty Kitty Bang Bang’ (Amy Mangan), M Carroll’s ‘Copper ‘ (Ellie Carroll), P Darcy’s ‘Oakland Teddy’ (Victoria Darcy), C Maguires ‘Thistleview. Megan’ (Faye Maguire)

Class 9: 128 Under 8 Equestrian World of Maynooth National 🇮🇪 Discovery League:

Equal first / clear rounds: M Carroll’s ‘Copper Q’ (Ellie Carroll), C Hannon’s ‘Askamore Lass’ (Emily Kate Hannon), E Dore’s ‘Cill Chan Kenny’ (Jack Dore), J Flynn’s ‘Ballyfree Tiger Lily’ (Charlie Flynn), M Hogan’s ‘Mylestown Lady’ (Orla Verkade).

Class 10: 128 Under 10 Equestrian World of Maynooth National 🇮🇪 Discovery League: Equal first / clear rounds:   N Lehanes ‘Cracker Girl’ (Caoimhe Lehane), E Tighes ‘Ardavon Jess’ (Mollie Russell), P Darcy’s ‘Oakland Teddy’ (Victoria Darcy), L O’Dwyers ‘Smoker’ (Sarah O’Dwyer),  M Costello’s ‘Seanie Thunder’ (Joanne Costello), N.A Dennehys ‘Simply Dancer’ (Glenn Dennehy), Sparkling Equines ‘Sparkling Ganty Blazer (Jackson Brosnan), K Kerins ‘Charlie’s Pride’ (Sophie Mae Kerin), A Hynes ‘Gleninagh Inis Dom’ (Annie Hynes), S Brosnans ‘Parc Pixie’ (Jackson Brosnan), K Whelan’s ‘Drumcaghey Jacko’ (Shane Whelan), A Cummins ‘Fantastic Mr Fred’ (Tiernan Cummins)

Class 11: 128 70: Equal first / clear rounds: A Cummins ‘Fantastic Mr Fred’ (Tiernan Cummins), J Flynn’s ‘Ballyfree Tiger Lily’ (Charlie Flynn), O Byrnes ‘Snow patrol 11’ (Katie Byrne), C Hannon’s ‘Askamore Lass’ (Emily Kate Hannon), E Tighes ‘Ardavon Jess’ (Mollie Russell), M Costello’s ‘Seanie Thunder’ (Joanne Costello),  K Kerins ‘Charlie’s Pride’ (Sophie Mae Kerin),  F Mangans ‘Kitty Kitty Bang Bang’ (Isabelle Mangan),  A Barry’s ‘Rough Rebel’ (Michael Barry), M O’Callaghans ‘CS Amigo’ (Kris O’Callaghan)

Class 12: 128 80 ML Morrissey Horse Trucks National 🇮🇪 Novice Pony League: Equal first/clear rounds: T Moloney’s ‘Twilight 111’ (Tommy Moloney), T Moloney’s ‘Crossderry Speedy’ (Tommy Moloney),  E Dore’s ‘Cill Chan Kenny’ (Jack Dore), O Byrnes ‘Snow Patrol 11’ (Katie Byrne), A Hynes ‘Gleninagh Inis Dom’ (Annie Hynes), N Lehanes ‘Cracker Girl’ (Caoimhe Lehane), A Cummins ‘Banner Archie’ (Tiernan Cummins), M O’Callaghans ‘CS Amigo’ (Kris O’Callaghan), O Sharkeys ‘Molly Polly’ (Jack Dore), E Barry’s ‘Mabaroan Splash Mountain’ (Tomas Barry), J Neilans ‘Rathturtin Token’ (Mark Neilan), J Burns ‘Monserrat Seamist’ (Elsie Carey), K Whelan’s ‘Leadmore Breeze’ (Shane Whelan), G Barry’s ‘Toymistress’ (Blaithin Barry), E Costelloes ‘Barossa Cavalier’ (Hannah Costelloe)

Class 13: 138 80 Equal first / Clear rounds . G Quinn’s ‘Newtown Shadow’ (Ciara Quinn), G Barry’s ‘Soheen Silver’ (Saoirse Barry), M Coffeys ‘Ballyhone Toby’ (Maeve Coffey), M Mc Namaras ‘Mc Guinness’ (Daisy Mc Namara), M Burke’s ‘Spike B’ (Sinead Burke), G Quinn’s ‘Queen Lizzie’ (Ciara Quinn)

Class 14: 138 90 Ml Morrissey Horse Trucks National 🇮🇪Novice Pony League: Equal first / clear rounds: E Barry’s ‘Soheen Silver’ (Saoirse Barry), J Gores ‘Jockeyhall Molly Brown’ (Sorcha Gore),  A Cummins ‘Kildysart Best’ (Rian Cummins), D Moran’s ‘Kayla Monroe’ (Libby Moran), M Burke’s ‘Spike B’ (Sinead Burke), M Mc Cartan ‘Castlequarter Bullet Proof’, (Sonny Mc Cartan), M Meads ‘Ard Fhionain Spring Time’ (Zoe Penfold), A Cummins ‘Kilchreest Bay’ (Siofra Cummins), M McNamaras ‘Mc Guinness’ (Daisy Mc Namara)

Class 15: 148 90. Equal first / Clear rounds:  B Quinn’s ‘Dadas Little Prince’ (Lauren Quinn), M Mc Namaras ‘Baileys Clover’ (Chloe Mc Namara), P Keoghs ‘Arianna’ (Meabh Keogh), P Botons ‘Granite Storm’ (Katie Bolton).

Class 16: 148 Meter Ml Morrissey Horse Trucks National 🇮🇪 Novice Pony League, Equal first /clear rounds: D O’Briens ‘Kingdom Connie’ (Alex O’Brien), C Keanes ‘Rockstown Dexter’ (Charlie Keane),  M Costello’s ‘JJ’s Vino (Andrew Costello), S Brennan’s ‘X Factor’ (Jack Brennan).

Class 17: Horse 90. Equal first / clear rounds: V Collins ’Fabienne’ (Vicky Collins).

Class 18: Horse Meter. Munster Development League. Equal first/ clear rounds. S Jackmans ‘Danagher’ (Sandra Jackman), C Geary’s ‘Cullinaghmor Pepper’ (Ella Geary), Y Meaney’s ‘Norway Cruz’ (Claire Meaney), J Fennells ‘Comeraghs Jingle’ (John Fennell), C Mc Carthys ‘Nollaig’ (David Moran), G Mc Mahons ‘Greenlough Hero’ (Geraldine Mc Mahon), K Kerins ‘Corgary Ark’ (Shane Kerin), K O’Briens ‘The Little Lion Man’ (Karen O’Brien), G Davorens ‘CSF Crystal’ ( Grainne Davoren), J Fennells ‘Cantu Bobalong’ (Heather Ahern), L Enrights ‘Lantender Recession’ (Loretta Enright), Orla Gooneys ‘Clonterm Super Cool’ (Orla Gooney)

Class 19: Amateur A / AA:  1st) A Tonerys ‘Ti Amo Darcy’ (Aisling Tonery),  2nd) J Glynns ‘Rowestown Rebel R’ (John Quinn),  3rd) C Moran’s ‘Mullybrannon’ (Claire Moran),  4th) S Jackmans ‘Danagher’ (Sandra Jackman), 5th) M Manning’s ‘Lady Coolcaum’ (Mark Manning), 6th) J Fennells ‘Canty Bobalong’ (Heather Aherne)

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