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The cost of a pearly white smile

The average cost of teeth whitening in Clare is the fourth highest in the country, according to new research from private healthcare search engine, WhatClinic.com.

Their survey has found, depending on where you live greatly affects how much you will pay for dental care in Ireland. According to its findings, the most expensive place for achieving pearly whites is one clinic in Sandycove, which charges patients more than €650 for the treatment.

Across Ireland, the average cost of teeth whitening is €262, but for the best value for money people should head to Westmeath where it costs just €159.

County Kerry, at €388, is the most expensive county for pearly whites, at more than double that of Westmeath. This is followed by Wicklow at €350 and Clare at €337.

However, Clare fares reasonably well when compared to the average prices in Ireland for the five most common types of dental work.
The average cost of getting dental fillings in Clare stands at €77, just €5 higher than the Irish average of €72. Dentist consultations cost on average €45 in Ireland, which is €4 higher than the average cost of €41 in the Banner County.

Teeth cleaning is also slightly dearer in the Banner at €64 compared to the average of €55, while local extractions costing on average €77 are just slightly above the national norm of €76.

Caelen King, CEO of WhatClinic.com describes dental treatment in Ireland can as a “complete lottery”.

“Even something as straightforward as a dental check-up can fluctuate massively depending on where you live – and can also vary quite dramatically between dental clinics in the same city or town.”

The full survey can be seen here.


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