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Women make healthcare decisions

While nowadays there’s greater shared responsibility for both chores and children between males and females in Irish families, women are still the country’s key healthcare decision makers.

New research from private healthcare search engine, WhatClinic.com, shows that almost three quarters (72%) of all healthcare traffic in Ireland comes from women, which is 5% above the global average (67%). Even for male-specific treatments, women still account for half, and often more, of all enquiries.

Women make more than two thirds (69%) of all search traffic into male hair transplants, and more than half (52%) of all vasectomy traffic. Meanwhile, men account for very small portion of obstetrics and gynaecology (10%) or mammogram (18%) search traffic in Ireland.

When it comes to treatments for all the family, women are still very much in the lead – accounting for the majority of traffic for dental braces (78%), allergy testing (78%), GP appointments (72%), vaccinations (72%), dental appointments (71%) and blood tests (65%).

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