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Sinn Féin MEP raises concerns on Brexit

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has called on all political parties, community groups, businesses and statutory bodies in Clare to work together to help negate the effects of Brexit on the county. The Ireland South MEP was speaking at the launch of her latest discussion document on Brexit in the Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis. The Mid-West and Brexit: The Potential Impacts of Britain’s Departure from the EU on Clare, ​​Limerick and North Tipperary examines the specific challenges that Brexit will pose for the region and lays out proposals for how they can best be tackled. “One of the main dangers of Brexit is that it can seem so vast and like such a major international issue that people tend to forget it will have a very real impact on their lives and their communities,” she said. “What I am am seeking to do with this document is remind people that Brexit is a local issue as well as …

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Sinn Féin MEP backs Men’s Sheds

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has accused insurance companies of holding Men’s Sheds to ransom. The Ireland South MEP made the claim, following a visit to Shannon Men’s Shed where members told her that some insurance premiums had quadrupled in the past year, putting several sheds at risk. “I’m absolutely appalled at the cynical and greedy way insurance companies are holding Men’s Sheds to ransom with outrageous premiums,” the MEP said. “These facilities do incredible work when it comes to tackling issues men face, including isolation, particularly among older people, as well as issues of men’s physical and mental health. “They are a wonderful initiative and they deserve support, not attempts to wring every penny out of them. “I am calling on the Government to step in and examine the possibility of any unscrupulous business practices happening among insurance companies with regards to men’s Sheds.I will also be raising a PQ in Europe with the competitive authority and asking …

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Leader’s important contribution to Clare

THE importance of Leader funding to communities in County Clare is set to be raised with the European Commission. The EU rural development fund supports community and economic development in towns, villages and rural areas across Europe. The rollout of the 2014-2020 programme has still not been announced by the Department of the Environment. Speaking from Strasbourg, Liadh Ní Riada, MEP, said the funding must be made available to communities. “The Leader programme delivers much-needed investment to community projects and small businesses outside of our big cities. It is a vital support for so many projects that drive local economies and improve the quality of life in rural Ireland. “Many community projects are ready to proceed with projects and have been waiting for almost two years for this funding to come on stream. “The preparation for the 2014-2016 programme have been marked by confusion, mismanagement and silence from government. “It’s not even clear what organisations will be delivering the programme …

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Gerry Adams ‘unsure’ of second candidate

SINN Féin leader, Gerry Adams is unsure if the party will run a second candidate in the county in the next general election, which is expected to be in early 2016. He also reaffirmed his opposition to Sinn Féin, as junior partners, entering into coalition with either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael, while he claimed that Fine Gael and Labour are currently engaging in an “auction election”. He was speaking to The Clare Champion in light of Noeleen Moran’s selection as Sinn Féin’s candidate in Clare. “Noeleen, in her own right, has a good base. She got over 1,000 votes and narrowly missed being elected to the county council. We have Mike McKee there as well and (presidential candidate) Martin McGuinness got something like 10.5% of the vote in Clare. (MEP) Liadh Ní Riada also got a very, very good vote in Clare. “Across the island, we had our best election last time out but in her own right, as …

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Ní Riada lands fisheries committee

Ireland South MEP Liadh Ní Riada will be pushing for All-Ireland initiatives and solutions for the fishing community. Sinn Féin’s Ms Ní Riada, as the only Irish MEP on the EU Fisheries Committee, has promised to be a strong voice for the fishing communities of the entire island. “For too long our fishing communities have suffered as a result of weak representation at this level. I will be pushing the all-Ireland dimension at every opportunity particularly when it comes to our fisheries. A 32-county approach certainly provides a way forward in the development and defence of our fishing industry and the livelihoods of fishermen who are already struggling in a very difficult environment,” she said. Continuing she said, “We want to see our fishing communities represented by ministers from the north and south of Ireland. Such an approach would undoubtedly strengthen our voice when working, through the European Union, to improve the lot of the Irish fishing community. “Sinn Féin …

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Election 2014

Slow start to Ennis voting

POLLING was relatively slow at Waterpark House in Ennis late this morning. One retired gentleman said that Sinn Féín’s Liadh Ní Riada was getting his number one in the European election. He said that in his opinion voting is crucial and that it will be his first time voting Sinn Féin. “Always and ever I voted, my background would have been Fianna Fáil but I’ve changed my voting pattern in the last few elections. I voted Fine Gael in the last election and I can’t see myself voting for them ever again.” He has been very unimpressed by the Government and said that the performance of Labour has been very poor. “Their default position in any argument is ‘sure look at the mess we were left with’. They created voting fodder out of the middle classes, the Guards, the nurses, people like that, for Sinn Féin.” Nuala Rice also said it’s important that everyone with a vote uses it. “Of …

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