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St Patrick inspires Kilkee native working in Papua New Guinea

IT’S a long way from West Clare to Papua New Guinea, but Fr John Glynn who is a long-time citizen of the island nation still holds his native Kilkee very close to his heart. Currently on lock-down until at least early June, Fr John, who is full of energy and drive, despite his 80+ years, told The Champion he is keen to return to normal daily life. For the retired teacher, that includes working with some of the country’s most vulnerable, as well as co-hosting a weekly one-hour radio show on the Catholic station, Radio Maria. Over his many decades in Papua New Guinea, Fr John was instrumental in setting up the WeCARe! Organisation, to work with the poor and disadvantaged who make up a considerable percentage of the state’s eight million citizens. Fr John described his adopted home as “an absolute paradise” in terms of its beauty, but a land of deeply ingrained inequality.“Illiteracy rates here are around 85%,” …

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Retired Bishop of Killaloe Urges People to Reconnect

AMONG those cocooning during the Covid-19 crisis is retired Bishop of Killaloe, Dr Willie Walsh, whose advice is to reconnect with those with whom we might have lost touch. The Octogenarian said he is adjusting to the lock-down better than he thought he would, and that his prayers are with people who are finding the current restrictions difficult. “I am keeping a routine and getting up early and taking some exercise,” he outlined. “I watch mass on one of the online services and I celebrate mass privately. I’ll do a couple of hours in the garden. I also find it therapeutic to write about the current situation. I’m very lucky to have a house and garden and I’m thinking about those who are under pressure at this time.” As well as reflecting on the role of the Priesthood, the retired Bishop said he’s also keeping up-to-date with some social activities: “On Wednesdays, I would normally go to the Clarecastle Men’s …

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‘Intimidation used in money lending’ claims bishop

THE former Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh, has criticised Travellers who are allegedly engaging in “intimidation” to recoup money that has been given to members of their own community as part of unregulated money-lending. Bishop Emeritus Walsh, who served as Bishop of Killaloe from 1994 to 2010, has spoken out about serious problems being caused by a small number of Travellers who are engaged in feuding, the illegal distribution of drugs and money-lending. In an interview with The Clare Champion following the publication of his new memoir No Crusader, Bishop Walsh believes feuding among Travellers, often linked to the illegal sale and distribution of drugs in the county, is still a major problem. “Some Travellers have told me most of this feuding is linked with the distribution of drugs. There are other aspects as well, including a feud between two families over some slight or hurt and row in relation to a marriage. “A large percentage of the feuding is …

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Bishop Walsh favours local appointment

A PRIEST from the diocese, who would be by and large acceptable to local priests, would have a big advantage in being appointed as the new bishop, according to retired Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh. “When I became bishop, I had a good knowledge; I knew every priest in the diocese personally and who was related to them reasonably well. That was an advantage. I knew the geography and demographics of the diocese. “I can see situations where it would be wise to appoint a man from outside the diocese; where if there were divisions among priests, if the man [from the diocese] coming in had some baggage, which made him unacceptable to priests or people. “Rome probably feels the need to shake up the Irish Church because of church child sex abuse scandals. Maybe, in the back of their minds, they felt a bishop coming in from the outside would take a stronger line on certain issues.” The Papal …

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Bush priest on walkabout in Bodyke

He  is known as the Mandiago priest in his adopted home in The Gambia but for the next few months, Fr John (Jackie) Sharpe, CSSP, will be in Bodyke parish. He celebrated the golden jubilee of his ordination over the weekend. He has already celebrated his 50 years of service in the Shrine Church he built at Kunkujang, The Gambia in March but his official golden jubilee date falls on July 5. A native of County Tipperary Fr Sharpe’s connection with East Clare goes back to 1965 when he first met Bodyke man, Bishop Michael Moloney, in The Gambia. Having been there since 1937, Bishop Moloney extended him a céad míle fáilte. Reflecting on his 49 years in Africa, Fr Sharpe sits in his Bodyke living room looking out at the beautiful view, content with what his retirement has to offer. He came home in 2009 on sabbatical, after spending nearly 45 years in The Gambia without a break. He was sent …

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