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Beauty queen of Leenane

Return to The Twelve

The other weekend I took the chance to slip away with my hoomans for another little break. It looks like we were just in time. Although Level 3 doesn’t mention dogs, I have a feeling I’ll be staying at home for the next few weeks.

Saturday morning saw us heading for Galway city with a stop in Clarinbridge for a swift dogguccino. We had a little wander around the city but it was soon time to head off again and as I suspected, we were going to The Twelve, my Galway home from home.

Now I hadn’t arranged this trip, the hoomans had and they’d have to pay for it too because my bone account has gone into boverdraft. I’m not worried though as I believe the Government are making PUP payments now. It’s been a while since I was a pup but I’m so cute I’m sure I’ll get away with it and it won’t be long before my account is healthy again.

On the Sky Road outside Clifden

The following day, after a lovely breakfast in the bar, we headed off in the direction of Clifden, intending to go to Kylemore Abbey for a long walk. However, the weather got worse as we drove deeper into Connemara so we abandoned that plan and instead had a stroll around Clifden.

The pub where I had coffee last year wouldn’t let us in this time, so it was a take-away hot chocolate before we headed back.

Visiting my friends the fairies in Brigid’s Garden

On the way, we stopped at Brigit’s Garden, in a lovely woodland setting. After a quick dogguccino, I was able to ramble around the garden, which is very dog friendly. There’s lots of things to see and sniff, including fairy doors, a ring fort and lots more. I was really able to stretch my legs, running around a meadow like a mad thing and I arrived back to the hotel, tired but happy.

If you go down to the woods today…

The hoomans went to West Restaurant that night while I flaked out in the room. I was able to join them later in the bar where they serve my favourite Underdog Lager. We Underdogs should get a cut of the sales to keep our bone accounts healthy but so far, my suggestion has fallen on deaf ears.

Hello sheeps – can I come out to play with you?

The following day dawned much brighter so we again attempted to get to Kylemore, going a different route to avoid some nasty roadworks, driving through Leenane and Killary Fjord, places that I had never visited. I’d like to go back in the summer and do the boat tour in nicer weather. There were lovely sheep on the road too, all white and fluffy like myself.

Having a little breather at Kylemore Abbey

At Kylemore, it was walk, walk, walk. They wouldn’t let me on the bus up to the garden. How cruel! Didn’t they know about all my running around the day before. I was already tired. Luckily, part of the walled garden was cordoned off but I still had to face the long walk down.

Just before the Abbey closed, my hoomans took turns having a look around inside the house as ‘No dogs allowed’ – the three saddest words I know.

Spot the Westie… On Barna Pier

After all my walking and running, I developed a limp and milked it for all I was worth for maximum sympathy. It was a few days before I was able to get to the vet to be checked out and I was eventually given a clean bill of health. What a relief.

The hoomans left the hotel for dinner that night and went down the road to O’Grady’s on the Pier. I heard tales of beautiful fish and venison, which was some surprise, as O’Grady’s is renowned for its fish. Oh well, I’d probably have chosen the same, given the choice.

That’s my travels over for a while. Stay safe during this nasty lockdown but we’ll all beat this thing together.

Beauty queen of Leenane

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