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My lovely dress in St Stephen's Green.

Daisy’s 13th Birthday Weekend

Well I’ve finally reached the teen years. I’m officially a teenager having had my 13th birthday last weekend. Do I feel different? Apart from wanting to go to the teens’ disco on a Friday night, I can’t say that I do. I’m still rearing to go anywhere as long as I have my hoomans with me. And what a lovely birthday weekend they organised for me – the best ever! We were a bit late leaving Ennis so it was straight up the motorway and even though we stopped once, I didn’t bother getting out to stretch my legs. Once we’d parked, I recognised the river so I knew we were in Dublin. We walked by the river for a few minutes until we reached a place called Temple Bar. I’m told it’s party central in Dublin city but I’ve never been allowed to visit until now. It must be one of the privileges of becoming a teenager. What did …

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On my 100k trek for Guide Dogs Ireland at Lees Road.

100k – nearly there

Well, I have the paws walked off me this month. It’s all down to the Guide Dogs for the Blind. I admire them greatly for the job they do so I’m delighted to be doing the 100k challenge for the month of May. Imagine, I have to go walkies for a full 100 kilometres – it’s no wonder I’m whacked. I never thought I’d be able to complete the full distance but I’m well over 80k now so I know I’m going to do it. I’ve had some lovely walks in Lees Road and Coole Park and a lot of walkies end with a dogguccino so all the hard work is worth it. Of course, the real reason I’m doing all these walks is to raise money to train Guide Dogs so if you’d like to help, the link is guide-dog-day-2021.raisely.com/walkieswithdaisymay. I had a wonderful walk last week with my friend Cassie and I hope to complete my 100k with …

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Covid Hero award for Daisy the life-saving dog

A LIFE-SAVING dog who helped its owner escape from a devastating fire has been hailed as a ‘Clare Covid Hero’. Former county councillor and well-known Clarecastle man Bernard Hanrahan narrowly escaped with his life after his home was engulfed in flames late last year. Bernard, known locally as the Bomber, was saved after being alerted to the blaze at his home in Barntick by his beloved dog Daisy’s incessant barking in the early hours of the morning. Daisy has now been named among the winners of the Clare Covid Hero award celebrating the county’s everyday heroes who have been supporting others during the pandemic. Luckily nobody was injured in the fire, however the house, which had been in the family for three generations, was extensively damaged and priceless photographs and memorabilia have been lost. The award certificate was presented to Daisy this week by Cathaoirleach of Clare County Council Mary Howard, who also had a surprise for Bernard. She was …

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Community rallies around ‘Bomber’ and Daisy

A CLARE community have rallied together to raise funds for a former county councillor whose family home went up in flames last Christmas. The Clarecastle home of former Fianna Fáil representative Bernard ‘Bomber’ Hanrahan was destroyed on the night of December 27. Fortunately Bernard managed to escape the blaze when he was alerted to the danger by his dog Daisy. However the fire destroyed the house in Barntick which has been in the Hanrahan family for generations. Now in an effort to help rebuild the family home a fundraising appeal has been launched. The United for The Bomber and Daisy campaign is aiming to raise €30,000, with close to €5,000 of that target raised just one day after the GoFundMe page went live. Organiser of the campaign Seamus Sullivan stated, “While insurance will go some way towards replacing the physical infrastructure, a lifetime of memories and mementos have been lost in the flames. Bernard Hanrahan is known far and wide …

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Happy Howly Christmas everyone.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break. I know it was a bit different from other years but that didn’t make it any worse. Before the real lockdown happened, I got the chance to pay a flying visit to two of my favourite places – Brooklodge in Wicklow and The Twelve in Barna. We hardly stirred from either hotel, with lazy days spent snoozing in the room or in the lounge. A change is as good as a rest and snoozing in different surroundings is very refreshing I always find. I had some sad news in BrookLodge though. My friend Oscar went to Doggie Heaven a few weeks before our arrival. I’ll miss him as he was always good for a laugh and a gossip. He had a lovely, long, happy life though and that’s all a dog ever wants. On the way to Galway from BrookLodge, we stopped in Dublin to meet my Aunty Aileen and we …

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Return to The Twelve

The other weekend I took the chance to slip away with my hoomans for another little break. It looks like we were just in time. Although Level 3 doesn’t mention dogs, I have a feeling I’ll be staying at home for the next few weeks. Saturday morning saw us heading for Galway city with a stop in Clarinbridge for a swift dogguccino. We had a little wander around the city but it was soon time to head off again and as I suspected, we were going to The Twelve, my Galway home from home. Now I hadn’t arranged this trip, the hoomans had and they’d have to pay for it too because my bone account has gone into boverdraft. I’m not worried though as I believe the Government are making PUP payments now. It’s been a while since I was a pup but I’m so cute I’m sure I’ll get away with it and it won’t be long before my …

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I could get very used to travelling in a convertible. It's the human's 325i.

Lockdown Staycation Part II

So, this is the second part of our lockdown staycation. After visiting the Twelve Hotel in Galway, I got a taste for another adventure so last weekend we went off to another of my favourite places, BrookLodge in Co Wicklow. Because the weather was so nice, the humans decided to take that funny car with a tent instead of a proper roof. It was bought last year but it seemed to spend most of the summer in the garage with bits being done to it but it seems to be ready now. I only half listen but I believe it’s had softer springs fitted since I drove in it last and it really makes a difference. I can snooze comfortably in the footwell now and that’s all that matters. Even though rain was threatening as we arrived in Aughrim, the roof was folded down for the last bit of the journey, allowing me to sniff the air. As we pulled …

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Daisy starts out on her pawlitical career.

Time for a new Political Pawty

Well, what a week it’s been. I was down early on Saturday to vote as it’s important to exercise your right as a good doggy citizen. It was an amazing result although I didn’t make it up to the count in Ennistymon on Sunday. Not alone were no dogs allowed in the count centre but did you see the weather? I put my nose outside and decided it was a duvet day. That said, with all the uncertainty over choosing a new Taoiseach, I reckon there’s nothing to be lost by putting my paw in the ring. My Pawty promises more bones for every dog in the country, free access to pubs, restaurants and hotels by law and as many sausages as you can snaffle from the butchers. Surely that’s an enticing prospect and we could pay for it all by bringing in a tax on cats. Win win. I’d better sharpen up my negotiating skills a bit before I …

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