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Posing in Barna Woods.

Gorgeous Portrait of Daisy

Well there I was last week thinking it had been a while since my last stay at the wonderful Twelve Hotel in Galway when I saw the bags being packed and loaded in the car. I supervised proceedings to ensure that my bag was packed too, as I wasn’t going to be left behind no matter where we were off to. Snuggling down in my bed in the back seat, we set off and I sniffed that we were heading North, which was very promising indeed. We stopped on the way for a quick dogguccino in Clarinbridge but in short order, we continued on to Galway city and out the other side. This was really looking promising and I howled with excitement as we pulled into the Twelve. I strutted into reception and who was there to greet me only my favourite receptionist, Monika, who always makes a great fuss of me. Going up to our room, there was another …

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By the bridge in Durrow.

Scary Festival in Durrow

Well after two exhausting weekends I was quite prepared to relax and snooze away through the August Bank Holiday but there was one place I wanted to visit. Alan, who works with me in advertising, happened to be passing through Durrow the other day and he saw a load of scarecrows lining the roads. He told me about it in secret and I determined that, tired though I was, I was going to the Durrow Scarecrow Festival. Herself usually looks after my social calendar but it looks like I’ll have to take Alan on as well, at least on a consultancy basis. I wonder would he work for bones? Now, I’m no crow, so I’m not afraid of any scarecrow, but it sounded like a fun event and my kind of thing, so I woke the hoomans early on Sunday and herded them into the car before they knew what hit them. I refused to tell them where we were …

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Reunions in Wicklow

Well, you’d think that after my summit meeting with Mac in Belfast last week, I’d get a little down time, but no, last Thursday I was unceremoniously placed in the car and we were off again. I had no idea this time where we were going, but when we arrived at The Old Barracks in Birdhill, I knew I could cross Galway off the list of possible destinations. The weather was a bit iffy but we managed to have a nice, relaxing dogguccino before heading off again. Caffeine doesn’t seem to affect me at all so it wasn’t long before I was asleep again in my comfy bed and I only awoke when the roads got bumpy and I knew it was BrookLodge we were driving towards. I was a bit sad, to be honest, as even though I’d get to meet my friends, George and Lewis, my boyfriend Niall would no longer be behind the bar, having left to …

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Mac and Daisy having a cross-party summit meeting at Stormont Castle.

Heading up North

Well, it was another busy weekend with not a few surprises thrown in for good measure. It’s lucky I’m back at work this week and can snooze away under the desk when the boss isn’t looking. I really need my rest. It started on Thursday with a trip to Dublin. Herself went up on the early train to meet her friend Elaine while I took on the responsibility of bringing the luggage with himself later in the car. Like Royalty, we travel apart! We had a quick stop at The Old Barracks in Birdhill for one of their delicious dogguccini and I was well set up to snooze my way to the capital, arriving in short order to all meet up in Dun Laoghaire where another dogguccino awaited at Shoe Lane Coffee. The weather wasn’t great, so that evening we just chilled out at my Dublin home from home, Dylan Hotel, where they had a great welcome for me as …

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Posing at Barna Woods.

Off Again – Part II of Daisy’s Adventures

Well, wouldn’t you think after last week’s shenanigans that I’d get a long rest before taking off again, but no. I barely got two days at Pat’s, my dog-minder, while the two were away in London throwing knickers at Tom Jones, before it was all systems go again. Don’t they know I’m a mature lady who needs her rest? This time, it wasn’t a long drive as we headed north to one of my favourite places, The Twelve Hotel in Barna. They don’t have a resident dog but there’s always a lovely variety of doggos to chat to. I really enjoy my time there. I was using my bone allowance to treat himself for Father’s Day. He really does a good job as a doggy-daddy so he deserves it. Unfortunately, after the weekend my bone account is fairly empty so maybe we need a campaign to get me an increase. A girl has to keep up her standards after all. …

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Daisy having fun at the Dadsties event.

Travel Adventures Part I

Well, what a busy few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been chasing my tail so much, I’ll need to tell you about the rest of my adventures next week. It’s good to have just a comprehensive social life but I tell you, it’s exhausting. I’m dog tired! My latest series of adventures started last Thursday week when there was a flurry of packing as the hoomans prepared to set off for somewhere. I carefully supervised to ensure that my suitcase was packed too. There was no way they were going without me. There was no sign of the funny little car with no roof. Instead, himself was taking an electric car. I’ve never understood electric cars – where do you find a three pin plug as you’re driving down the road? I didn’t worry about that as I snoozed comfortably in my bed until we arrived at the Old Barracks in Birdhill. They make lovely dogguccini and I thoroughly enjoyed mine. …

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I got some lovely presents and cards for my birthday.

Daisy’s 14th Birthday

Usually it’s myself who uses my bone allowance to bring the pawrents away for a weekend but early last Thursday I was unceremoniously put into the car, along with lots of luggage and we headed off to an unknown destination. Our first stop was at Kildare Village, where we met our friend Elaine, from Cork. While herself and Elaine went off shopping, himself and I sat down for a dogguccino and a virtual car launch. Initially, they wouldn’t let me into the centre at all but himself foxed them by carrying me in. There’s always a way around things. After a while, it was back into the car and heading East. I had a good feeling and of course, I was right – BrookLodge – and my boyfriend Niall, not to mention George and Lewis. We got settled in our usual room and before long, we were in the bar having a lovely dinner. Of course I just had my …

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Taking a bow after my performance.

Daisy Bow Wows in La Bohème at UCH

I’ve been a TV star in the past and of course, I’m a media personality through these columns but it’s hard to believe at my age, I haven’t been on stage. A few weeks ago I spotted the chance to rectify that when browsing the world wide woof I spotted a story on the ’Champion’s website. Ellen Kent Opera were looking for a dog to appear onstage for La Bohème. As it’s a Poochini opera, I thought I’d be perfect for the part so I dusted off my resumé and sent it on. After all, La Bohème features my favourite aria, ‘Your tiny Paw is Frozen’. Lo and behold, a few weeks later I got an email telling me that from all the dogs in Munster who had applied, I got the call. I howled with excitement, but I was really only practising my high C in readiness for my début. So, last Thursday afternoon, I hopped into the car …

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