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Astra after the storm
Astra after the storm

Opel Astra goes for a swim

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Having set off on their routine morning commute last Monday, past the popular Tragumna Beach near Skibbereen, Rory Jackson’s wife Celine, son Aaron and German exchange student, Sid, were forced to abandon their 2006 Opel Astra, when it was engulfed by a sea wave. The family managed to escape to safety by scaling the adjoining embankment, and looked on as their car was swept by the tide nearly 10 metres along the roadway.

The Astra engulfed in the storm
The Astra engulfed in the storm

Battered by relentless waves for over two hours, the tide then receded and the car was left surrounded by debris. Expecting the worst, Rory visited the site to assess the damage, only to discover that the car was completely dry inside, as were the contents of the boot which included school laptops and books. On closer inspection Rory was amazed to discover that both the engine and battery were also clean and in full working order, and he was able to drive the car away from the site once the surrounding debris had been removed. The only visual damage was the loss of the passenger door mirror cover.

Rory Jackson commented: “I had arranged to have the car towed away for insurance as soon as possible. When the Astra was finally accessible I inspected the car and was pleasantly shocked to discover that the car was completely dry inside and important valuables such as the laptop and school books were undamaged. I checked the engine and battery, thinking that there would be severe damage. All was clean and looked ok apart from the debris in between the wheels and underneath. On turning the key it started immediately and I drove it back to my house.”

Astra after the storm
Astra after the storm
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