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Councillor: cut into green area to widen road

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TRAFFIC tailbacks at a busy Ennis junction, particularly during morning school drop-offs, has prompted calls for the creation of a longer left filter lane.

Councillor Mary Howard told a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, “There are often traffic tailbacks at the junction of Drumcliffe Road (Watery road) and the Gort Road.

“Is it possible to create a longer left filter lane in the large green area to allow traffic to flow, especially for school traffic in the mornings?”

She outlined that the route is often used by parents dropping their children to school in the mornings with “a build-up of traffic every day”.

Ian Chaplin, Acting Senior Executive Engineer told the meeting, “At the junction there is a filter lane for left turning which facilitates a couple of cars. The junction will be monitored to assess the level of queuing at peak times.

“A full topographical survey and design would be required to assess in greater detail and a funding source would be required to progress any proposed works.

“To provide a longer lead in left turn lane as suggested would require the removal of the existing footpath, construction of new footpath set back by 3m, a new road lane to be constructed which would be 3m wide, and approximately 30m long, diversion of services at the junction and possibly from underneath the existing footpath, tree removal and road lining.”

Councillor Howard commented that there is “a fine big green area there to make the filter lane longer”.

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