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Aer Lingus changes to Shannon-US winter services

AER LINGUS has opted to reverse a pattern of recent years at Shannon, opting to continue with its New York service in the opening months of 2019, while suspending its Boston service.

A spokesperson for Shannon said that in the final analysis Aer Lingus will now be able to accommodate more passengers travelling between Shannon and the US due to this move. “On balance we are pleased with the extra transatlantic capacity that this service switch creates. This change strengthens Aer Lingus’s commitment to Shannon by adding an extra 2,500 (seats) and restores a year-round service from New York to Shannon, but we are disappointed that the Boston market can only be accessed via New York for this two month winter period.”

While the statement said that Shannon would continue to work with Aer Lingus on the Boston service, there are extra benefits to maintaining a link with a major global hub like JFK. “The benefits of the restoration and expansion of a year round service to a hub airport like JFK are apparent, with the opportunity for onward connectivity to over 90 destinations worldwide and with frequent connections between Boston and New York to service this market in the interim. It’s important to note that Shannon now has two year-round New York services with Aer Lingus and Norwegian Air International which is positive news for the business community and also for leisure travellers.

“Shannon is set to operate its largest transatlantic service in 17 years with eight transatlantic services operated by six different carriers across seven destinations from Shannon in 2018.”

In fact Shannon will now have two year round services to New York, with Norwegian operating a service to Stewart International Airport.

Interestingly Norwegian has also suspended its Shannon-Providence route for the winter. Providence airport is close to Boston and Aer Lingus move this week means that for a few months the two airlines will compete on the New York route, while neither services Boston.

Owen Ryan

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