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Uganda challenge cyclist, Marta Kubik with life coach, Conor J Flynn.

Life coach Conor steps up to support Marta

A YOUNG Ennis mother, who is planning to take part in a rugged charity cycling event in Uganda in November, has been given some inspiration by a local life coach.

Life coach, Conor J Flynn has offered to host a fundraiser seminar and workshop for Marta Kubik at the Roslevan Community Hall on October 12.

Marta is taking part in the World Vision Uganda fundraising cycle, from November 13 to 22, and plans to cycle a total of 315km through the mountainous region of North Rukiga in the south-west of Uganda.

The money she raises will go towards helping the communities she meets along her journey to create a better future.

To take part and to help the Ugandan communities she will meet, Marta needs to raise as much money as she can and Conor has stepped in to help her.

Conor will host the workshop in Roslevan from 6.30pm on Sunday week. The motivational one-off event will inspire, challenge and empower the participants. The cost includes refreshments and a tee-shirt.

“Conor’s workshop will demonstrate how our fears can hold us back and help to empower everyone to achieve all that is good: whether it’s more money, better health, the ideal relationship, or perhaps a job or career you have only dreamed about.

“You will get to challenge yourself by walking barefoot on glass, breaking boards and can learn how to achieve a breakthrough in any of life’s many challenges,” Marta explained.

To take part in the workshop in Roslevan, contact Marta by email at marta.kubik71@gmail.com, or by mobile at 0862446527. Her Facebook page is www.facebook.com/marta.fundraising.cycle.

If you can’t participate in Sunday week’s event, you can support Marta’s Uganda challenge by donating on her web page at /www.mycharity.ie/event/marta_kubiks_event/

World Vison has been working with the communities of North Rukiga since 2004, through the Area Development Programme (ADP), where the charity partners with local people to improve the wellbeing of children and their families.

Just over 85% of the population of North Rukiga feed their families and make a living through agriculture. However, almost 80% of households earn less than 50,000 Ugandan shillings, which is worth just less than one cent per person a week, or a 10th of a cent a day.

Funds raised from the charity cycle will make a huge difference to these communities, as poverty like this affects health, education and infrastructure. .

“For people who have so little, every cent counts,” Marta said.

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