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medics seeks support for contract tracing survey

A BALLYVAUGHAN-based GP is one of the researchers involved in a survey, which aims to establish whether a new Irish contact tracing application will help in the fight against Covid-19. Professor Liam Glynn and Dr Michael O’Callaghan are two of the researchers from the University of Limerick and National University of Ireland Galway, who are involved in an online survey that concluded on Friday. Professor Glynn stressed contract tracing doesn’t remove the need for everyone to continue hand washing, hygiene and continue social distancing. Until a vaccine is developed or effective anti-viral treatments, Professor Glynn said the key to containing the virus is to try and isolate confirmed cases as quickly as possible with rapid contract tracing. The two doctors are doing this independently and haven’t been commissioned by the HSE to carry out this research. Professor Glynn stressed contract tracing software will only be effective if more than half the population agree to use it. “We are delighted with …

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Easing of Covid-19 restrictions requires careful monitoring

EFFICIENT contract tracing, increased testing and the use of new technology needs to be introduced before Covid-19 restrictions can be reduced, according to a local health specialist. Professor Liam Glynn said Ireland requires a really strong testing capability with a quick turnaround and contract tracing to accurately track what is happening when a restriction is changed. “If lifting a restriction does cause a spike, we must be able to reintroduce it, particularly in certain geographic areas, hot spots or particular groups of people. “This has to be done in a safe a manner as possible so vulnerable people will have to stay cocooned. The people who can be let out will be those at lowest risk. “We need an ongoing monitoring system so we can actively check if the easing of restrictions is causing an upsurge. “It is all to play for still,” he said. The Professor of General Practice at the Graduate Entry Medical, University of Limerick is producing …

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