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Leaving and Junior Cert exams start

Almost 121,500 Leaving and Junior Certificate students began their written exams across the country this morning (Wednesday). In Clare, in the region of 2,800 students are sitting exams. Education Minister Richard Bruton extended good wishes to students, reminding them that while these exams are important, “they were just one pathway in education”. “A range of opportunities now exists which will help students to fulfil their ambitions,” he said. Nearly 57,000 Leaving Cert students kicked off the exam with English Paper 1 this morning. Around 62,000 Junior Cert students faced the English and CSPE exam. It is the first exam under the new junior cycle English programme, where the paper accounts for 90% of the grade.

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Leaving Cert ‘alcohol celebrations’ warning

Alcohol Action Ireland is encouraging parents to talk to their children about the risks associated with alcohol ahead of the release of the Leaving Certificate results on Wednesday. “Students deserve to go out, celebrate getting their results with their friends and we hope they enjoy marking this milestone in their young lives,” said Conor Cullen, head of advocacy and communications with Alcohol Action Ireland. “We know that, for a significant number of young people, their plans to celebrate this week will include alcohol and this is reflected by the fact that they are being targeted by venues, particularly through social media, with drinks promotions that encourage the type of harmful alcohol consumption that is a threat to their health and wellbeing,” said Mr Cullen. “It is also important to remember that many young people attending venues running these types of promotions will be going there having already consumed alcohol, with the widespread availability of very cheap alcohol on offer in the …

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More than 2,680 Clare students start State exams

More than 2,680 students attended exam centres in Clare on Wednesday morning for the start of the Leaving and Junior Certificate exams. Almost 1,300 students were expected to sit the Leaving Cert in the county, according to the State Examinations Commission. This year 659 girls are sitting the Leaving Cert in the Banner County compared to 630 boys. More than 80 students in Clare were registered for the Leaving Cert Applied, 35 girls and 46 boys. More than 1,390 students began the Junior Certificate at exam centres around Clare on Wednesday morning, 761 girls and 632 boys. Nationwide some 120,000 candidates began their Leaving and Junior Certificate examinations across over 5,000 examination centres. The new Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton TD, and the Minister of State for Training and Skills, John Halligan TD, both extended their best wishes to students beginning examinations. Minister Bruton commended the efforts of students, saying: “There is great value in everything that students …

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Leaving Cert results and alcohol warning

Alcohol Action Ireland is encouraging parents to talk to their children about the risks associated with alcohol ahead of their Leaving Certificate results on Wednesday. “It’s natural that young people receiving their Leaving Cert results want to go out and celebrate with their friends. This is an important milestone for them and they should enjoy the celebrations,” said Suzanne Costello, CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland. “Getting the Leaving Cert results can be an emotional and, for some, stressful time, particularly for those who may not have done quite as well as they had hoped. If you add alcohol into the mix this can make an already challenging situation even more difficult for young people and put their health and safety at risk, particularly if they drink to levels they haven’t done before,” said Ms Costello. Alcohol Action Ireland is urging parents to play their part in ensuring their children stay safe and well by talking to them about their plans …

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Day two of the exams

It’s day two (Thursday) in the exam halls  for 3,000 Clare teenagers who are sitting the Junior and Leaving Certificate. Only a small number of Leaving Cert students at taking the engineering paper this morning but it will be the English paper 2 for everybody in the afternoon. For those following the Leaving Certificate  Applied course, exams include sign language and French/German/Spanish or Italian. Junior Cert students have Irish papers 1 and 2 today. Tomorrow brings geography, environmental and social studies and maths. The Leaving Certs it’s geography and maths paper 1, while the Leaving Cert Applied have maths applications and hotel catering and tourism.  

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Leaving and Junior Cert exams begin

As the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams begin today (Wednesday), ASTI President Philip Irwin has urged students in Clare and countrywide to “look after yourself” over the coming days and weeks. First up for both the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert was the English paper 1, to be followed in the afternoon by English paper 2 for the Leaving Cert. Junior Cert students are facing into Home Economics. “It’s normal that you would experience some stress during the exams period. However, it is important to keep things in perspective – these exams do not define your worth as a person. Just as in life, you may have good days and not so good days,” was Mr Irwin’s message to approximately 119,000 sitting the State exams. “The important thing is to move on and put extra effort into looking after yourself. Have a good routine including enough time for sleep, rest, relaxation and exercise, and make sure you are eating well. All …

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Leaving Cert students collect results

The anxious wait is over for the more than 1,400 Clare students who sat their Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied exams in June. Results of the State Exams were released from schools this morning and are available online and by phone from midday today (Wednesday). In Clare 661 females and 713 males sat the Leaving Cert in the county while 30 females and 35 females completed the Leaving Cert Applied. Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan, TD, today congratulated the 56,990 Leaving Certificate students who are receiving their results. “Completing secondary school and the Leaving Certificate is a milestone in many people’s lives. Every student should be proud of their achievement. Today is the culmination of much hard work and sacrifice and I hope that the effort students made is reflected in their results,” she said. “Students now have the opportunity to choose which path they want to take next. There are a wide range of opportunities available …

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Leaving Cert cheap drink warning

Young people celebrating their Leaving Cert results should not be targeted by cheap alcohol promotions. That’s the message sounded by Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, in calling on pubs and nightclubs not to use cheap alcohol promotions to target young people planning on celebrating their Leaving Cert results this week. “It’s natural that students want to go out, have a good time and celebrate with their friends. This is an important milestone for them and they should enjoy the celebrations,” said Conor Cullen of Alcohol Action Ireland. “The reality is that for a significant number of young people, their plans to celebrate this week will include drinking and, as a result, they are already being targeted by venues with offers of cheap alcohol, including price promotions based on the number of drinks bought. Promotions and ‘drinks deals’ like this are aimed squarely at young people and encourage the type of harmful binge drinking that is such …

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