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Deer danger has ‘exploded’ in East Clare

DEER are causing “extreme danger” on roads across East Clare, a meeting of Killaloe district councillor has been told.  The matter was raised by Councillor Pat Hayes who said there had been a number of collisions in recent weeks and that deer were creating “a high risk” for all road users. “Anyone living on the mountain edges knows that is a continuous and major issue that has now exploded,” the Caher man said. “I’ve heard from several people who’ve told me they’ve had deer running against them when they’re out on the road. This is a real road safety issue right across the region. “The Slieve Aughtys are a haven for deer and they have now moved down into the valleys. Many farmers have 20 to 30 deers on their land when they go out in the morning. We are all now owners of a huge deer population and there’s extreme danger when they move out onto the roads.” Councillor …

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Deer hunting licence delays prompts concern over farm and forest damage

DEER are said to be causing significant damage to farms and forests in East Clare, with the pandemic being blamed for a slow-down in the processing of permits for hunters, five weeks into open season. Concerns have also been raised about the ongoing issue of illegal deer hunting, which a major conservation and management organisation described as a recurring problem in the east of the county. “There are landowners in East Clare who might go out to find 30 to 40 deer on their grazing,” said William Shortall of the IFA  said. “As the population of deer expands, they’re competing for food and that’s what drives them into grassland areas and tillage. What we need in the long term is an agency with responsibility for the overall management of deer, who will be able to put effective plans in place to control their numbers. We’re entering the rut now, where stags move off their territory in search of females, so …

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Walker Uncovers Gruesome Carcass Dump

*WARNING: CONTAINS DISTURBING IMAGES A WALKER taking a quiet stroll in the scenic and peaceful area of Upper Tyreda in Tulla was met by a gruesome find on the roadside, when he discovered multiple dismembered parts of deer strewn on the road side. The individual, who did not want to be named, said, “I reckon it is young deer heads, and there is a bigger one there where it looks like the antlers have been cut off it. I don’t understand how people can do that, at least if they buried it, but to think of cutting the heads off of animals like that, for me it’s terrible and then to dump it on the side of the road”. This quiet road, which is populated by a few houses, and leads to a local garage, is only six or seven feet wide, and this horrible sight is visible to anyone traversing the road.           The walker added, “You …

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