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‘Slatted Shed Sessions’ in tune with children’s charity

A WEST Clare slatted house will double as a recording studio next week, when a group of musicians and singers come together to produce an album to raise funds for research into children’s cancers. The idea is the brainchild of Miltown Malbay native George Benn, who has recently received the all clear after being diagnosed, in recent years, with cancer. Now a long-time resident of Ruan, George is a member of the choir in Ballyea. Over the last few weeks, he and his fellow members, musicians and friends have been busy rehearsing for the 14-track album. The slatted shed, which is owned by choir member Martin Casey, has been centrally important as a venue which facilitates social distancing for the group of around 20. “But for Martin, this wouldn’t have been possible,” George said. Originally, George planned to hold a church concert. “Covid got in the way,” he outlined. “Then I thought, ‘Why not make an album?’ Everyone got behind …

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Feakle drive raises over €13,000 for Crumlin Children’s Hospital

MORE than €13,000 has been raised for Crumlin Children’s Hospital (CHI) by a Feakle family whose youngest member had open-heart surgery at the facility almost a year ago. Freya Hayes, who will celebrate her first birthday next month, was diagnosed with a serious heart defect shortly after birth. Thanks to the team at CHI, Freya has now fully recovered and her family and the local community have been able to make a substantial donation so that other children might be as fortunate. Freya’s mum, Avril Collentine told The Champion the family had had “a roller coaster year” in 2020, with the pandemic complicating an already challenging situation. Just as mum and baby were ready to go home to dad Henry and Freya’s older brother, Harry, an ultra-sound scan detected an issue. The images were sent to CHI, where specialists spotted a hole in Freya’s heart. After the team at Crumlin recommended open-heart surgery, the family returned home to allow Freya …

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Freya fighting fit after open heart-surgery

A FEAKLE family, who have had “a roller coaster year” since their youngest member was diagnosed with a serious heart defect, are hoping to harness the goodwill of the festive season to raise funds for Crumlin Children’s Hospital. Back in April, in the teeth of the lockdown, Avril Collentine and her husband Henry Hayes were celebrating the birth of their second child, Freya, and looking forward to bringing her home to meet her two-and-a-half year-old brother Harry. “The lockdown did make things a bit harder, but at least I wasn’t a first-time mum,” said Avril. “Freya was born on a Monday and on Wednesday we were getting ready to go home and I was really glad about that. The team were doing a few final checks when one of the doctors thought she heard a murmur in Freya’s heart. We got referred to the neonatal unit and they did an ultra-sound scan. They sent the images to Crumlin, where they …

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Ennistymon mother urges people to be aware of Sepsis

An Ennistymon mother-of-three has appealed for people to make themselves aware of the signs of Sepsis following her daughter’s near death experience. Audrey McGahon has warned parents and families not to take any chances, as in some cases there are no huge warning signs so it is vital not to wait. The most commonly reported symptoms of Sepsis include slurred speech, confusion, excessive drowsiness; pain or discomfort in the muscles or joints, passing very little or no urine, severe breathlessness, a racing heart, shivering, fever and feeling very cold. The skin of someone with Sepsis changes like pale, cold, discoloured skin or a rash that won’t fade when pressed on. In children the signs to look out for include abnormally cold to the touch; looks mottled , bluish or pale; breathing very fast; is unusually sleepy and difficult to wake; has a rash that does not fade when you press it and having fits or convulsions In February 2018, Audrey’s …

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Old scórs to be settled

MEMORIES of cultural contests of years gone by will be rekindled at the West County on November 21. Settling Old Scórs is being organised by Kilkishen’s John Torpey. He said he wanted to revisit the heyday of Scór in Clare. “I’m organising a celebratory concert of Scór from the 1970s, ’80s, ’90s and the millennium. Scór was a huge thing, probably one of the greatest social items that the GAA ever came up with,” he said. In the early days of the competition, there was incredible interest in it, not least in his own part of the county. “Christy Curtin from Miltown Malbay came up with a notion that there should be a social aspect to the GAA. Coming out of that, all of the clubs in the county were contacted, including myself and Robert Frost in O’Callaghan’s Mills. A few of us met in Kilkishen on a Saturday night and we said ‘you sing a song, you do this, …

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