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The planning retention granted to Limerick Blow Moulding for the wind turbine in Parteen has been hugely controversial.

Request for oral hearing on Parteen ‘abomination’

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AN Bord Pleanála has been requested to hold an oral hearing concerning a retention appeal for a controversial wind turbine near Parteen, which has been described as an “abomination” by a chartered civil engineer.

Limerick Blow Moulding was recently granted retention permission by Clare County Council to retain a turbine despite a huge volume of objections from Deputy Cathal Crowe, Deputy Violet Anne-Wynne, Senator Timmy Dooley and numerous residents.

On March 2, 2021, a council survey found the wind turbine was built about 37 metres to the north-east of the location, which was previously granted planning permission.

The company gained permission for a revised site boundary and revised position for a single 800 KW wind turbine, 73 metres high to hub height, as granted under previous planning permissions at Gortatogher, Parteen.

In a very comprehensive appeal submitted to An Bord Pleanála on behalf of the 100 Metres Tall Group, Mick Duffy requested an oral hearing given the significant issues arising and impacts on
the village of Parteen, wildlife and local residents.

The Local Area Plan recommends undergrounding of wires and suitable new lamp standards should form a redesign of the crossroads in the village.

Mr Duffy stated: “It is ironic having recognised a need to underground village wiring that this abomination has been granted retention permission.”

Mr Duffy stated residents supported wind generation in appropriate locations and with adequate protections for both the environment and the local population. He pointed out a planning authority has a statutory duty to address appropriate assessment before it can make any planning decision and noted this retention application did not refer to any of the previous applications
and retention applications applicable to this site.

He claimed this development would scupper any attempts to develop lands in the vicinity and would sterilise a vast swathe of suitable land for housing.

“There was no consideration of the indisputable connectivity of surface waters and storm water arising on this site and the adjacent SAC.”

There is still no planning permission or application for the connection of the turbine to the grid. The developer could have developed this turbine in a remote area with suitable connectivity to the grid or could have installed solar PV on his extensive factory roofs or agricultural land.

The local authority granted retention permission having regard to national and regional policy with regard to the development of sustainable energy, policies in the Clare County Development Plan, the varied Clare Wind Energy Strategy, the location of the site within the Western Corridor Working Landscape, the pattern of existing and permitted development and prevailing land uses.

It took into account the distance to dwellings or other sensitive receptors from the proposed development, the scale and nature of the development, the submissions and observations made in connection with this application, the content of the application and the further information received.

“It is considered that, subject to compliance with the conditions set out, the proposed development would not seriously injure the amenities of the area or of property in the vicinity, would not seriously injure the visual amenities or landscape character of the area, would not create and unacceptable risk of environmental pollution or have an adverse impact on the ecology of the area and would not otherwise be contrary to the proper planning and development of the area.”

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