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Sonny Scanlan

Quin footbridge most preferred option

A PETITION yielding 596 signatures lobbying for the construction of a footbridge in Quin has led a local councillor to call on the council to abandon plans to provide pedestrian access on the existing bridge in favour of developing a footbridge.

Councillor Sonny Scanlan, who last week announced his intention to retire from local politics, said the last item he would like to secure for his community before he hangs up his boots is a footbridge. He explained that over the last two months, a petition calling for a footbridge to be constructed has been issued to locals and has secured 596 signatures.

Although a part eight planning application has already been granted for works on the existing bridge, Councillor Scanlan is calling for this to be scrapped.

“What I want them to do is to forget about that and to put in a part eight for a footbridge, instead of the footpath on top of the bridge. There would be only one line of traffic if they put in a footpath on top of the bridge and it doesn’t make sense to me. We have 596 signatures that signed up for a footbridge,” Councillor Scanlan said.

According to the Quin councillor, works to improve pedestrian access on the existing bridge in the village will cost in excess of those to construct a pedestrian footbridge.

“It will cost €40,000 to put in pedestrian lights and to put a footpath on top of the bridge in Quin and it will cost €39,000 to put up a footbridge so it makes no sense to me,” he said.

Councillor Scanlan has already brought the petition to the attention of senior executives at Clare County Council and said he will be meeting with officials again in the coming week in the hopes of progressing the matter further.

Responding to the issue, a spokesperson for the local authority said, “Clare County Council recognises that there is currently is no proper pedestrian facility across the bridge in Quin village. The council believes it is important that a solution is implemented to redress this issue as soon as possible.”

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