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The Quadrangle at NUI Galway

NUIG secures funding for STI clinic

NUI Galway Students’ Union has secured funding for an on campus sexually transmitted infections (STI) clinic, which will commence operation at the start of the new academic year. From now on, NUI Galway students will be able to get tested for STI’s for free at the clinic in the Student Health Unit.

Funding for the clinic was secured by the Students’ Union through the university’s Student Projects Fund. This means the 17,500 NUI Galway students will have easier access and shorter waiting times for STI tests.

The rates of STI’s in Ireland is still greatest among the under 25 age bracket. There are 25 different types of STIs. Many people with STI’s do not display symptoms which is why it is so important to get tested regularly if you are sexually active. STI’s can have long term complications such as infertility and can be passed on even when you don’t display any symptoms.

NUI Galway Students’ Union seeks to educate students about safe sex and prevention of STIs through initiatives such as their SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance) campaigns.

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