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Loose armadillos spark safety fears in Ennis

ARMADILLOS on the loose could result in a trip hazard on Ennis roads, an Ennis councillor has warned. However, these aren’t armadillos of an animal kind, instead they are safety measures which have been installed as part of the county capital’s network of cycle lanes.

Councillor Mary Howard raised the need to clean bollards and armadillos along the route from Clon Road to College View at a recent meeting of the Ennis Municipal District.

The council confirmed that there are a small number of armadillos and kerb bollards that need resetting or replacing between Eire Óg and the Kilrush Road, and this work is on the local authority crew’s work list.

The councillor pointed out that over the last number of years the council has invested a large amount of money in Active Travel initiatives throughout the town.

She requested that these initiatives be maintained “as your built environment leads your social environment.” She urged that cycle path markings need to be restored/ repainted as they have faded over the passage of time as well as the cleaning of the bollards and armadillos.

“There are some armadillos loose and that could be a trip hazard,” she said urging that their stability be checked.

Mayor of Ennis, Councillor Ann Norton, commented that all efforts should be made to ensure the maintenance of the safety measures. She pointed out that there are increasing numbers of people out walking and cycling.

Councillor Johnny Flynn stated that a number of residents have voiced concern that planters positioned in the area is impeding their ability to drive from their homes without crossing over the white lines on the road.

“The residents are finding it very difficult and dangerous to pull out,” he said, urging the council to liaise with them in order to find a solution.

Eamon O’Dea, Senior Executive Engineer, responding to Councillor Howard’s motion stated, “The Ennis Municipal District has asked the Road Design Office to clarify the Active Travel funding sought from the National Transport Authority to upgrade the markings on the existing cycle lane networks on the R352 Clareabbey to the Maid Of Éireann Roundabout.

“There is routine maintenance of the cycle lanes at College View and the Ennis Municipal District will be proceeding with the cleaning and replacement of bollards at this location.

“There are a small number of armadillos and kerb bollards that need resetting or replacing between Eire Óg and the Kilrush Road. This work is on the Ennis Municipal District Work’s Crew list.”

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