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Councillor Paul Murphy: “It’s important that road safety for pedestrians is prioritised.”

Hopes that submission to NTA will pave way for pedestrian safety

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CONCERN among residents of Doora about pedestrian safety in the village has led to calls for a new footpath to be built between two key local amenities.

The Ennis Municipal District has confirmed that an application is to be submitted to the National Transport Authority for the development of a footpath from Doora Church to Doora School.

Councillor Paul Murphy raised the issue at a recent meeting of the local authority, urging that Clare County Council to seek Active Travel funding for the project.

He outlined that Doora has a big population including many school-going children, insisting, “It’s important that road safety for pedestrians is prioritised”.

Ian Chaplin, acting senior executive engineer responded, “The Ennis Municipal District will seek to have an application submitted to the NTA for footpath project from Doora Church to Doora School when the next funding cycle is announced for the NTA for 2023. It would also be essential that the proposal is in line with the planning settlement strategy for the area.”

Councillor Johnny Flynn voiced support for a submission  to the County Development Plan review drawn up by the Doora Community Development Group calling for a change in status of the area from ‘cluster’ to ‘small village’.

He believes this change will support the reduction of speed limits and allocation of funding to improve road safety. Councillor Pat Daly also gave his backing to the residents saying the road in the village is “very, very busy” and a new footpath would be “very welcome by the residents”.

Councillor Ann Norton stressed the importance of the council listening to the concerns of residents. She outlined that the school is growing, attracting pupils from other parts of the county.

She pointed out the municipal district’s senior executive officer Leonore O’Neill has attended a meeting with residents, adding this demonstrated “we are all working together” and that the council is listening to the concerns.

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