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Further information request on crematorium

THE developer behind plans for a crematorium on the outskirts of Ennis has been asked by the planning authority to supply details of mitigation measures to reduce potential harmful emissions from the proposed development if granted planning permission. Concern has also been raised about the effects of the proposed development on nearby Ballybeg Lake.

Fenloe Property Development Limited have applied to the local authority for permission to construct a chapel, crematorium unit, furnace and remembrance gardens and cemetery at Ballaghfadda West on the Kildysart Road. And according to backers of the plan it will bring an economic boost to the local economy if given the go-ahead.

Clare County Council have requested that the developers submit further information and revised proposals before making a decision.

The planning authority have asked for a detailed specification of the proposed crematorium technology to be used at the facility as well as a description of the process outlining all waste products to be generated including details of emissions.

They have also been requested to indicate how the development will comply with UK guidelines and to “clearly indicate other possible mitigation measures to reduce potential harmful emissions.” The developers have been asked to clarify the dimensions of the proposed chimney stack and proposals for the management and monitoring of emissions at operation stage.

The planning authority noted that the proposal includes the installation of a septic tank and percolation area. And they have highlighted “concerns” due to the proximity of the site to Ballybeg which under the Water Framework Directive has a water quality status as ‘poor’ and where any further developments may impact further on the quality of the lake. The authority have requested proposals to provide for a connection and / or an extension to the public sewer.

With regard to traffic safety the planning authority have also requested that the developers revise proposals in relation to sight distance, provide a Traffic and Transport Assessment and a Road Safety Audit.

Proposals for the provision of a footpath and cycle lanes have also been requeste3d with the planning authority stating that a separate pedestrian / cycle link should be investigated at the north edge of the site. Plans for cycling parking provision at the site is also sought.

Fields adjoining the site are designated an Archaeological Zone containing an earthwork complex, two ringforts and an ancient field system while there are numerous recorded monuments within one kilometre of the site.

The developers have been asked to submit an Archaeological Impact Assessment completed by a qualified archaeologist.

A revised layout plan of a scale not less than 1:500 has also been requested to ensure compliance with burial ground legislation. While clarification on the status of an existing right of way running along the southwestern boundary is also sought.

A number of submissions have been made to Clare County Council in relation to the development including from those behind plans for a crematorium in Shannon.

According to Fenloe Property Development Limited, if granted planning permission for the facility at Ballaghfadda, the aim is to make it a “market leader” throughout Europe which will be operated to the highest standards.

The site is two kilometres south of Ennis and one kilometre to the west of Clarecastle and is currently zoned residential. A design statement prepared by Arnold Leahy Architects outlines that in choosing the site for the ‘Lakeside Crematorium’ a number of factors were taken into consideration “to ensure this was the best site to create a market leader crematorium, chapel and graveyard facility.”

Supporting the planned development are Dignity, Caring Funeral Services, a UK based company who are the largest single operator of crematorium in Britain.

In documents lodged with the planning authority, Alan Lathbury, head of business development at Dignity stated, “The development of a cemetery and crematorium in the area will provide an economic boost to the local economy, especially for small businesses and sole traders.”

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