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“Dangerous” Ennis road sparks calls for return to two-way traffic

A HOUSE which has been derelict for decades in Ennis has been described as a “blight”, while calls have been made for a return to two-way traffic at Upper Cusack Road.
Councillor Mark Nestor, speaking at the monthly meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, branded the current road system as “dangerous” with traffic not stopping at the yield sign. “This is a very, very serious matter”.
Responding to the motion, Ian Chaplin, acting senior executive engineer stated, “The installation of the one way system at this location was to facilitate safe passage of pedestrians and cyclists when the Greenway route was installed a number of years ago. The width available did not allow for a two way carriageway and path. To revert to a two way carriageway within the available space would require the removal of the cycle path which would leave an unsafe situation for pedestrians and cyclists. Alternatively if land acquisition was pursued here extra width could be available to facilitate a two way carriageway and path subject to available funding.”
Councillor Nestor pointed out that there is a derelict building in the area, suggesting efforts be made to discover the owner, with the aim of securing the land to enable to provision of two-way traffic.
Councillor Mary Howard pointed out that the house has been empty for many years. She said that it is “constantly being littered and is unsightly. I understand the need for a cycle path, but the development of this house needs to be looked at. There are elderly people living in the area who are very house proud and the house has been a blight for so long.” Councillor Johnny Flynn also voiced his support while Councillor Pat Daly said the road “is a health and safety issue, people are taking chances there” which is “putting cyclists and motorists in danger”. Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy commented that the current system is “very dangerous”.

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