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Don’t nominate – Donate a pint

CLARE Ógra Fianna Fáil has called on young people to support its campaign aimed at turning the dangerous ‘NekNomination’ craze into a positive.

The #NekDonate campaign, which is being run by Ógra members in towns and third level colleges across Ireland, encourages young people to donate a pint of blood instead of necking a pint of alcohol.

“Our campaign is about encouraging young people to take a small step that could help save a life. We are calling on young people to donate a pint of blood instead of necking a pint of alcohol,” Patrick Clancy of Clare Ógra, commented following the local launch of the campaign.Fiann Fail Ogra

“The NekNomination game that has swept across social media in recent weeks encourages social media users to outdo each other with increasingly dangerous drinking scenarios. It has clearly spiralled out of control in recent days with more and more young people putting their lives at risk to satisfy peer-pressure. This game only serves to normalise binge drinking and reinforce the dangerous misconception that young people need to get drunk to enjoy themselves.

Mr Clancy said the campaign aims to turn what has been a destructive game into something more positive.

“We already know that thousands of young people have said ‘no’ to NekNomination. They want to spread a more positive message, and our NekDonate campaign gives them this opportunity.

“At the moment, only 3% of the Irish population gives blood. Right now, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service only has enough blood to last the next 6 – 10 days, depending on blood type. It is clear that by donating blood you are making a difference. This is why I am calling on young people to rally together and support the #NekDonate campaign.

“The campaign has been positive so far, and we are using social media to spread our message alongside providing information and advice to young people as to how they can go about donating blood” concluded Patrick Clancy.
Upcoming blood clinics can be found at giveblood.ie and ones are to be held soon in Kilrush and Shannon.

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