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Do the ‘wright’ thing with fabulous online plays from Kilkee

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a few good plays online for free as The Kilkee Playwright Festival continues this Friday, September 10.

For under 16 year olds and adults Crystal Vardo by Suzanna King will be streamed at 3pm and 8pm.

Don’t miss your chance to join Crystal as she travels through time in her vardo on an extraordinary journey through Romani history. Brimming with a wealth of colourful characters, humour, music and storytelling, Crystal’s Vardo brings to life the rich tapestry of Gypsy Roma Traveller history and culture.

One audience member has described it as “cracking good theatre. It remains entertaining while also raising awareness about the racism and injustice faced by Gypsies and Travellers today”

On Saturday, September 11, at 3pm and 8pm brings the much applauded Sacrificial Wind by Lorna Shaughnessy (published poet with Salmon publishers ( Ireland ) and NUI Galway lecturer).

Sacrificial Wind is a poetic examination of the characters around the story of the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father Agamemnon asks big questions about war patriarchy and society.

Lorna states “The dynamics of conflict are universal and invariably involve the abuse of power; this was just as true in the North of Ireland where I grew up as it was for the ancient Greeks”.

Superbly directed by NUIG drama Lecturer Max Haffler with Chekhov Ireland. With an evocative soundscape by Barra Convery, music by Max Bromberg and a skilful edit by John Margetts this online piece filmed in lockdown with the actors’ phones only, achieves an extraordinarily broad sweep. This ensemble production with an excellent cast creates a performance not to be missed.

Sunday, September 12 is another do not miss play at 3pm and 8pm from Palestine, with Freedom Theatre’s latest play, Keffiyeh/ Made in China by Dalia Taha.

Originally seven short episodes, Dalia Taha’s trenchant play about Palestinian life under occupation has been re-released since lockdown as a 75-minute virtual production.

“Being a Palestinian,” says Taha, “doesn’t mean I am part of just this struggle; I see myself as someone who is part of everyone’s struggle.”

The occupation of Palestinian lands — and the concept of occupation worldwide — finds vivid expression in each segment of Taha’s provocative play.

Director Ahmed Tobasi with Freedom Theatre will lead a two-hour workshop at 12 noon on Sunday 12th September Political Theatre and Movement Building prior to the matinee performance.

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