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Clarecare launch Covid-19 helpline to aid parents

A Clare based Parent Support Line providing support to parents and carers during Covid 19 will be launched today (Monday March 30) by Clarecare Family Support Services, with support from partner agencies.

The helpline will be open from Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm on 065 6828178 or by email at parentingsupport@clarecare.ie

According to Jacinta Swann, Manager of Clarecare Family Support Services: “Parenting can be a struggle at the best of times.  We understand that dealing with the impact of Covid 19 may be a stressful and difficult time for parents and children as they try to adapt to a new routine at home, social distancing and isolation and so we want to offer a valuable listening ear.”

The Parent Support Line will be staffed by a professional and experienced family support team offering parents and carers a listening ear, parenting tips and guidance and signposting to other relevant services.

Under normal circumstances Clarecare Family Support Services staff deliver a broad range of family support services throughout the county to promote healthy relationships in families, and to enhance child and parent wellbeing. Given the new restrictions dictated by the Covid 19 emergency, many parents and carers may face challenges and the Clarecare Family Support Service has devised the helpline as a way to ease isolation and to support families.

Issues that may come up at this time might include, how to talk to your children about the changes to their lives due to Covid 19, establishing effective routines, managing children’s behaviours, activities and ways to promote effective communication and positive parent-child relationships.

The Clarecare Parent Support Line is available on 065 6828178 or email on parentingsupport@clarecare.ie Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the Clarecare Facebook page to find useful resources and links that will assist and help children through Covid 19.