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Clare man victim of scam over car sale on Facebook

A NUMBER of Clare people have fallen victim to online and phone scams during the week, including a fake car sale on Facebook.

A man paid €6,000 to an English bank account for a car that had been advertised on a Facebook page. The €6,000 payment was also to cover delivery of the car.

However, the car never arrived and he has since failed to make contact with the seller.

Crime prevention officer Sergeant Triona Brooks also notified of two women who received a text purporting to be from Bank of Ireland notifying them that there had been financial outgoing requests made on their accounts.

“I too got the same text,” said Sgt Brooks, “even though I don’t have an account with BOI.

“It asks the person to follow a link which unfortunately the two ladies did and they then realised that a substantial amount of money had been taken from their accounts.”

Another man who applied online for a loan was told he had to pay a deposit with fees just over €2,000 before he received his loan.  When he did, he realised that he had paid it into a fraudulent bank account.

Sergeant Brooks advises, “Don’t click on a link or download an attachment. Never respond to a text message that requests your PIN or password.

“When in doubt double check on your bank’s website or give them a call.

“If you think you might have responded to a text or email and have provided your details, contact your bank immediately.”

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