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Christmas weather forecast
Keeping dry from the pouring rain at at Lees Road. Photograph by John Kelly.

Christmas weather forecast

IT won’t be a white Christmas, at least from Christmas Eve until St Stephen’s Day, according to Met Éireann’s forecast.


ON Christmas Eve, it will be mostly cloudy with patches of mist and fog in the north, although a few bright spells are possible. It is more likely to be cloudy with patchy rain in the south. Light and variable winds.
Max temp 8-11°C (46-52°F).


CHRISTMAS Day is likely to be rather cloudy and damp, perhaps with the odd spot of light rain or drizzle. Mist or fog could linger throughout the day in one or two locations. Light south to south-easterly winds.
Max temp 8-11°C (46-52°F).


ST STEPHEN’S Day will be mostly cloudy once more with low cloud or mist likely at times. A few bright spells are possible around coasts during the afternoon, however. Gentle south to south-easterly winds.
Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).

IT won’t be a white Christmas,

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