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Star-Spangled stinker

Olympus Has FallenDIRECTED BY: Antoine FuquaSTARRING: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan FreemanCERT: 15A THE US President (Aaron Eckhart), the First Lady (Ashley Judd) and their young son Connor (Finley Jacobsen) are at Camp David, getting ready to attend a billionaire’s ball. Mike Banning (Butler) is the Secret Service agent in charge of the main man’s security detail. He’s also clearly a close family friend. On the way to the ball, there’s a tragic accident on an icy road. Afterwards, Banning becomes the fall guy, exiled to a desk job in the Treasury Department. Eighteen months down the road, he’s still not taking it well, sitting on the sidelines while his old buddies work the big jobs – like their latest, overseeing a visit to the White House by a delegation of South Korean ministers. All of this happens in the first 15 minutes, when Olympus Has Fallen is a serious and interesting political drama – well written, nicely played and …

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On the couch

Adapting a beloved series of novels for the big screen is never an easy process. For every Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter there’s two Golden Compasses and, while the Jack Reacher novels aren’t beloved by tweens and don’t feature any dragons, magic or dwarves, they still deep in the camp of “things the fervent fans don’t want to see screwed up”.

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