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Advice to farmers on waste collection

CLARE County Council has issued a reminder to farmers of the importance of only employing the services of correctly authorised waste collectors, who hold a valid and current waste collection permit.

The local authority notes it is a legal requirement for any person or company involved in the collection of waste, such as farm plastics and scrap metal, to hold a waste collection permit.It also says that authorised waste collectors are also required to provide a collection permit to a farmer prior to waste being collected and removed from a farm.

Waste collection permits contain a unique waste collection permit reference number, the name and address of the collector, the waste types the collector is permitted to collect, the registration details of each vehicle involved in the collection service, and the name and address of the authorised waste facility where waste is to be delivered.

In addition, the waste collection permit reference number must be clearly displayed on the cab of the lorry, and the driver is required to carry a copy of the collection permit at all times, which should be made available to the farmer upon request. Similarly, the docket provided to the farmer will contain details of the collection permit number.

Farmers should also retain dockets as proof of an authorised collection in case of future inspections by council or Department of Agriculture staff.

“Wastes such as plastics (silage wrap/pit covers/ration bags) and scrap metals are frequently collected from farms and farmers are encouraged to request details of the collection permit prior to engaging the service of a collector,” commented Patrick Mullane, waste enforcement officer with Clare County Council.

“Failure to use an authorised waste collector is deemed an offence, and may be subject to fines, prosecutions and cross compliance issues with the Department of Agriculture,” added Mr Mullane.

Details of all authorised waste collectors permitted to collect waste in County Clare may be found on the Nation Waste Collection Permit Office website, www.nwcpo.ie. Alternatively, information may be sought by contacting the Environment Section, Clare County Council.

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