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Life through a different lens

YOU might hear Michael Lorigan on the radio. You could find him in the gym a couple of days a week. Or you could find him volunteering to help young people who are visually impaired. For the last 11 years Michael has been visually impaired himself, after a terrible accident that left him blinded in one eye and with 15-20% of vision in the other. He was also left with a brain injury. “More sugar on the cake,” he says, wryly. How does that brain injury impact upon him? “I suppose it varies, it’s kind of mixed. It could be concentration sometimes, certain noises too would be very irritating. It’s memory too to a certain degree. Some things you remember, others are gone completely.” Michael lives in Kilmurry McMahon and one of the greatest problems he faces is the near total lack of public transport in the area. “You’re stuck here where buses are only a dream.” In May of …

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