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Unmarked graves uncovered in Ennis Cathedral

THE unmarked graves of at least four people have been discovered inside the Ennis Cathedral. The graves, which are located beneath the floor of the main cathedral, are understood to be more than 100 years old, and may have been the resting places of local priests and bishops. The burial sites were uncovered during ongoing works to remove a vinyl floor covering from the cathedral. This covering was installed in 1973 and it is unclear if the graves were known about before the covering was installed. Each of the four graves were identified by a distinctive cross pattern in the original tile floor, located beneath the vinyl covering. Land for the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul was donated to the diocese in 1828 and the building itself was constructed in various stages between 1828 and 1894. Mass was first celebrated in the church in 1842, and it is not clear exactly when during this period the original tile flooring …

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