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Councillor Murphy seeks improvements in diabetes treatment

COUNCILLOR Cillian Murphy has requested actions to provide insulin pump therapy and Type One Diabetes Self-Management Education for  Clare adults with Type One diabetes. Speaking at a HSE West Forum meeting on Tuesday, Councillor Murphy asked the HSE if it could confirm whether diabetes dietitians and diabetes specialist nurses posts have been included by the UL Hospitals’ Group in their 2021 Budget Estimates. If this is the case, he wondered when would the public be informed when these vital posts were approved. UL Hospitals’ Group chief executive officer, Colette Cowan confirmed there is only one whole-time equivalent (WTE) consultant endocrinologist in UL Hospitals’ Group working with adult diabetic patients and noted a second consultant endocrinologist is due to commence in October 2020. The adult diabetes service is supported by a dedicated team of clinical nurse specialists (CNS) and staff nurses. Diabetic nurse support is available in St Johns, Ennis and University Maternity Hospital Limerick. In addition there are currently two …

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concern over lack of services for people with diabetes

  THE lack of access for Clare people with diabetes to their specialist care teams is creating additional anxiety, according to a local diabetes advocate. Gráinne Flynn, who has Type One Diabetes, has expressed grave misgivings about the contents of a national HSE press release in relation to diabetes. In fact, the Ennis-based diabetes blogger admitted she was very upset by it as members of the Clare and Limerick Adults with Type One diabetes group have been expressing concerns about the adult diabetes service provided by UL Hospitals’ Group well before Covid-19 and have now been elevated to serious and extremely worrying. “This press release is completely tone deaf to the fact that it is the service that is continuously cancelling diabetes appointments since the service resumed in July. “The service seems to be operating only as face to face consultations. We can only assume that the staffing levels don’t allow for telephone consultations as many of the other clinics …

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health advocate urges people to be aware of diabetes symptoms

THE importance of people of all ages being aware of diabetes symptoms is even more importance during the Covid-19 lockdown, according to a local diabetes campaigner. Ennis resident Gráinne Flynn has urged everyone, not just parents, to be aware of the symptoms of diabetes known as the four T’s: toilet, thirst, thin, tired. She warned undiagnosed Type One diabetes can lead to a serious condition or fatality if untreated. “I was diagnosed as an adult. I was not where my parents could observe the dramatic changes in my physical being; I took it upon myself to seek help only after a friend noticed one of my symptoms and probably saving my life. “Imagine if my friend didn’t say anything to me because they believed that diabetes was a childhood illness? “It is extremely, extremely, important that any Type One diabetes symptom awareness campaigns strongly highlight that this diagnosis can happen at any age. Anyone who is experiencing these symptoms should …

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Parents urged to seek help for early signs of diabetes in childen

PARENTS are being urged to recognise the warning signs of early onset diabetes in children and not to delay during the Covid-19 pandemic from seeking diagnosis of and treatment for the condition. Dr Orla Neylon, consultant paediatric endocrinologist  at University Hospital Limerick (UHL), said parents should be aware of the symptoms, and, if their child is displaying them, to contact first their family doctor or, if their GP is unavailable, the Paediatric Emergency Department at UHL. Dr Neylon has warned treatment is urgent particularly for children who  are urinating frequently;  are excessively thirsty; wetting the bed;  losing weight and if the child has a lack of energy. then parents should consider the possibility of diabetes, and get it checked immediately.” She added: “It’s understandable during the current Covid-19 pandemic that people might be concerned about attending hospitals, but if diabetes is not treated as a matter of urgency, it can lead to complications that are potentially fatal.” The early symptoms …

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