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It’s no carnival for Shannon residents

LOCAL residents are concerned about the road safety implications of a carnival about to take place at Shannon Hibs grounds in the coming days. The concern is all the more acute given that young Dylan Coady Coleman was tragically killed following an accident in the area less than three months ago. Speaking on Monday, Siobhan Hennessy of Tradaree Court said that while there is no issue with the carnival happening or with Shannon Hibs, there are real problems associated with traffic coming and going. “I’m concerned about the traffic and the parking. The carnival going in is fine, that’s no problem,” she said. “But there is no facility for parking in the area except along the sides of the road, which is busy, it serves nearly 350 houses and there is only one way in and one way out. “It is really busy as it is and cars park along both sides of the road and they park on the …

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