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Wynne defends partner’s cannabis oil use for epilepsy

NEW Clare TD Violet Anne Wynne has come under scrutiny since her election and a video has been circulating on social media in which her partner spoke about using THC oil from cannabis to deal with epilepsy, something that is illegal. Asked for her position on the issue, Deputy Wynne said, “We [Sinn Féin] have said that in cases where every alternative has been ventured and tried, we would be open to medicinal cannabis in those circumstances.” Deputy Wynne said that conventional medication had not worked for her partner but the use of THC made a difference. “My partner has been with neurologists for the last several years trying to figure out medication suitable for him, for his make up. We all have our individual differences and while medicine might work for the majority of the population, there are instances where it causes problems. “He doesn’t have any medical experience, just his own personal experience of his condition. For him …

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Tectonic plates shifted as SF roared to the top in Clare

NOT so long ago general elections were predictable, both in Clare and in Ireland generally, but after last weekend there is a sense that voters might do just about anything. In Clare this was certainly the most dramatic result for many decades, with neither Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael having a candidate who hit the quota, as Sinn Féin topped the poll, a situation that was unthinkable almost until the moment it happened. There was widespread surprise in the Falls Hotel on Sunday morning as the tallies were being compiled and Violet Anne Wynne, an almost totally unknown quantity, was taking in more number ones than any one else. Many people around the count centre were saying the same thing; they knew that Sinn Féin were going to do well nationally, but just couldn’t see it happening in Clare. But it was happening. As recently as 2007 Fianna Fáil were campaigning on a platform of stability. It genuinely resonated with …

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Wynne distances herself from previous vaccination comments

NEW Clare TD Violet Anne Wynne has distanced herself from previous comments on vaccination. Following her election comments she had made on social media about vaccination were unearthed, but following much criticism, Ms Wynne said her views have changed. “Past comments in respect of the HPV vaccine were old remarks and do not reflect my current views or Sinn Féin policy. “The points that I made previously in relation to vaccinations were not in line with party policy and predate my election as a TD by a number of years. At the time there were a number of people that raised concerns about vaccines and I was simply relaying those concerns,” she said. “I want to make it clear that both I and Sinn Féin support the work of the National Immunisation Office in their efforts to ensure we have a first world public health response to infectious diseases. That is underlined by Sinn Féin’s manifesto commitments to roll out …

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Dust Settles After Political Storm at Clare General Election Count

ALL roads led to Ennistymon last Sunday morning as the counting of just over 60,000 Clare ballots began. Storm Ciara tore along the western seaboard, leaving sections of the N85 barely passable. As political pilgrims queued to cross flood waters south of the Inagh village, the brother of outgoing TD Timmy Dooley came quietly to the rescue. Pat Dooley donned his wellies to check the depth of the water, then led a number of other drivers through. Gales and floods ultimately did little to deter the capacity crowd that poured into The Falls Hotel to witness a drama few could have anticipated. As the ballot boxes were opened, the threads of a new political narrative emerged. Sinn Féin was on course to have a Clare TD for the first time since 1922. It took more than twelve hours, however, to confirm the dominance of newcomer Violet-Anne Wynne. Anticipation of the first count was at fever pitch by 9.10pm. Families and …

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Wynne-ing streak as SF receives almost 9,000 first preferences

THE performance of Sinn Féin was the story of the election in Clare, with Violet Anne Wynne winning the party’s first seat here for a century, as the county’s two longest serving TDs fell from grace. En route to the Falls Hotel on Sunday morning everyone heard the same information on the radio programmes; exit polls showed it was going to be a great election for Sinn Féin. As the early tallies came in they showed that the Sinn Féin surge was putting Ms Wynne close to the top and despite having heard the national story, there was still huge surprise around the count centre. “I heard Sinn Féin were doing well, but I really didn’t think it’d happen here,” said one woman involved in compiling the tallies. Many other people around the count centre were making similar comments. How could anyone have seen it coming? Just last May she won a mere 385 first preferences in the local elections. …

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poll-topper asked to donate €12,000 rent arrears to homeless charity

GENERAL Election poll topper Violet-Anne Wynne has chosen to remain tight-lipped on a request to make a donation to a homeless charity of her estimated rent arrears of €12,000, following her eviction from social housing. The Kilrush-based mother-of-five created a political sensation on Monday by becoming the first Sinn Féin candidate to win a Dáil seat in Clare for the first time since 1917 after securing almost 9,000 first preferences. Last week, Deputy Wynne claimed the person who decided to publicise information about her court case with Rural Resettlement Ireland (RRI) was “politically motivated” to negatively impact on her campaign. Speaking after her sensational election, she said the Clare Champion’s lead story actually helped her to win a seat. “I think people felt they could relate to me, I got a lot of messages of support, a lot of people saying they’ve either been in that situation or they know someone who has been in that situation before. A lot …

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Carey slams Wynne vaccination comments

FINE Gael TD Joe Carey said he is disgusted by criticisms made by newly elected Clare Sinn Féin TD Violet Anne Wynne of the HPV vaccine and other vaccines. Deputy Carey said Ms Wynne must not be allowed to undo the work of those who promote or advocate the importance of getting the HPV vaccine. In August 2017 Ms Wynne reportedly slammed compulsory vaccination as ‘medical tyranny’, while she defended parents who were critical of vaccination. Responding on Thursday, Deputy Carey said,“I watched one of the most inspirational and bravest people that I ever encountered, the late Laura Brennan from Ennis, spend the last moments of her life campaigning to raise awareness around the critical importance of the HPV vaccine. “Laura did this to ensure other young people would not die. “These comments are a really good example of Sinn Féin ignoring world health policy. “The comments are destructive and extremely damaging as they have been made by an elected …

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Donna takes SF seat

LAST Friday evening Sinn Féin formally chose Donna McGettigan to fill the County Council seat left vacant following the death of Mike McKee. She was the only person nominated, and the nomination came from Mike’s wife, Eileen. On Monday Donna met with The Clare Champion and spoke about her own background and her views on her new role, as one of two Shannon based county councillors, and Sinn Féin’s only representative in Clare. She left Belfast as a young child, with several of her male relatives interned in Long Kesh and her own granny on the run from the authorities in the North. “She was a strong woman. So that’s where I obviously picked that up from,” Donna laughs. The Belfast they left in the 1970s was a very violent place, with frequent bombings and shootings. “When we weren’t down herethat long, my Mum’s Granny, our Great Granny, had died in her sleep. And me uncle came to pick us …

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