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Small businesses doing well

A new report shows that 66% of small businesses are growing, while 28% are maintaining stability, and just 6% are still seeing a decline. The detailed in the Small Firms Association’s Small Firms Outlook for 2015 survey report, based on 867 respondends out of a sample of 2500 member companies. SFA director, Patricia Callan, in welcoming the results, said, “We predict that 2015 will see strong growth remain in the economy in the order of 4-5% GDP growth. 2014 saw the initial green shoots from the cities, spread gradually throughout all regions and towns throughout the country. Broad-based regional economic growth must be a priority focus in 2015.” The survey respondents predict strong investment levels in their businesses in 2015 with 72% saying that they will invest in their business in the next 12-24 months, 20% are unsure, and just 8% do not plan further investment at present. Investment in brand development is the priority for 41% of respondents, with …

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Employee numbers grow in small firms

The Small Firms Association’s Jobs Sentiment Survey for the second half of 2014, indicates an increase in employee numbers within small firms, reflecting the recent upturn in labour market performance. However, for some firms retaining and creating employment remains a challenge, SFA director, Patricia Callan has cautioned. “Although the recovery path for the labour market won’t entirely be smooth, this survey shows that just over 30% of small firms plan to increase employee numbers in the second half of 2014 and 63% will retain their current employment levels. While the figures are positive, 7% of firms will reduce employee numbers, as business input costs and labour costs remain challenging.” Ms Callan said. “There are sectors such as traded services and hospitality that are showing strong job growth, for other sectors job creation will be fragile and every step must be taken to ensure no additional taxes are placed on labour to ensure job retention and growth,” she added. The SFA …

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