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Lifesaving addition to Ballina Handball Club

Ballina Handball Club has installed a new defibrillator costing an estimated €1,600 on the outside wall of their handball alley for the benefit of the club and residents. This latest initiative is part of the club’s drive to increase the provision of facilities for the benefit of the local national school and the local community. The first part of this drive was the introduction of dads and lads as well as mothers and others in the handball alley to encourage people to engage in a fun physical exercise without the commitment of training for or entering a competition. This started about three weeks ago and already it is proving very popular with people who never played handball previously. Teaming up with Defibs for Life in Nenagh, the club contacted this organisation who was delighted to supply a defibrillator on the proviso they would receive a donation. Club Chairman, Paddy Collins explained a defibrillator is essential for a club and the …

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Large Crowds Expected For Killaloe Ballina St Patrick’s Day Parade

Hundreds of spectators are expected to flock to the twin communities of Killaloe and Ballina for their annual St Patrick’s Day Parade this Friday. Participating floats are asked to assemble at Ballina GAA pitch from 1.30pm and will head across Killaloe Bridge between 2 and 2.30pm, up the Main Street and past the Reviewing Stand at the Green once the organisers get the green light from local gardai. The parade is organised by the Féile Brian Ború committee, which consists of Paddy Collins, Arlene White, Cillian and Eugene McDonagh. Speaking to the Clare Champion about the preparations for the parade, Paddy Collins said there is a great sense of anticipation ahead of this year’s parade. “The parade was one of the first major events that united Ballina and Killaloe. It is an important to keep this tradition going. It provides a great family day out, particularly for kids,” he said. Mr Collins confirmed the committee has got great support from …

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Electric shock: pool may have to limit hours over power bill

THE electricity bill for Ballina Riverside Swimming Pool jumped by 52% in August 2022, according to new figures released by the local pool committee. Pool manager, Paddy Collins admitted this massive hike was a “huge shock to the system” and will have implications on how the outdoor heated swimming pool will be run next year. “If ESB bills keep on increasing, some businesses will close. The rising electricity bills will have a massive impact on the pool. We have to heat a huge volume of water. “We will have to be careful about when we are going to open and close. I can’t see us opening in September next year. “We will have to be tighter on our hours and will have to look at how we are running the place. Everything will have to be re-evaluated next year. “I am involved in other sports clubs, which are struggling as well. Purchasing LED lighting involves a huge outlay for clubs.” …

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Kilkee prom clean-up

Kilkee Civic Trust (KCT) is usually associated with organising a summer programme of talks and music events, but the organisation is springing into action this weekend to support an important community effort. “Arising from so much terrible storm damage disfiguring our beloved Kilkee, we are putting out a call for assistance, at the request of our fellow KCT member, Mayor Paddy Collins, for everyone to assist in any way possible, to help by improving matters on the ground,” said spokesperson, Joseph McClosker. To this end, there will be a promenade clean-up, starting from 9am this Saturday. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Intrinsic Anchor, near Fisherman’s Corner, at the East End. This is an entire community initiative, and is being organised by friends of Kilkee, with the help of Kilkee Chamber of Commerce. It is important that suitable clothing is worn and that a mindset of safety is maintained throughout the clean-up.

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Sand disappearing off Kilkee beach

THE  sand has never been so scarce on Kilkee’s famous strand, according to Mayor Paddy Collins, who has also warned that the town’s luck will run out unless the seawall is maintained. “Sand levels at the moment in Kilkee have never been as low. Whether that sand is all pooled out in the middle of the bay and is going to come in on the next big tide, we don’t know,” Councillor Collins said at Monday’s meeting of Kilkee Town Council. “At a meeting we had here with Paul Moroney [environment section Clare County Council], we were talking about the sand shifting,” he added. Kilkee beach is hemmed in at either side by spectacular cliffs. The town mayor said Kilkee escaped the worst of the recent flooding in West Clare but said consistent high tides are a persistent threat. “We were very lucky in the storm. We were only an hour either side when the wind turned. Every tide this …

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