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Tag Archives: Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland ( MRCI)

Support for Clare’s undocumented

CLARE Immigrant Support Centre is urging those who are undocumented to avail of a new scheme which could provide them with a path to Irish citizenship. The Regularisation Scheme for undocumented migrants was announced by Justice Minister Helen McEntee. It followed representations and submissions by organisations, including Clare Immigrant Support Centre. The initiative means that people who have not had legal status for at least four years – or three years if they have children here – will be eligible to apply. While there are calls for the scope of the scheme to be widened, Clare Immigrant Support Centre believes it has benefits for many. According to the centre, there are many different reasons a person becomes undocumented in Ireland. Some arrive on tourist visas and overstay to work, others may come as students or on temporary work permits and illegally remain in the country after their permission has lapsed, others could be victims of human trafficking. Due to the …

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