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Fáilte Ireland reveals grand plan

Fáilte Ireland has revealed plans to win €157 million in business tourism for Ireland in 2017. To do so, businesses in the sector will be supported to convert a significant amount of international corporate, incentive and association conference business leads from a €330 million pool of good possibilities identified by the tourism authority. The Fáilte Ireland plans were delivered at a top level industry briefing for people in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) sector, in Dublin. Attendees, including representatives from the Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau, heard that the tourism authority will this year identify 550 leads for industry partners – a 10% increase on 2016. Paul Keeley, director of business development, emphasised the importance and strength of the business tourism and events sector in Ireland. “The generation of leads with the potential to secure conference business that delivers a higher number of delegates per conference, and therefore greater economic value, is the central focus for Fáilte …

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Dogalogue with Bev and Daisy

Reptiles difficult to keep THINK very carefully before buying a reptile as a pet. Have you decided on the species of reptile that you want to keep? Read as much as possible about the different species available and talk to some local herpetologists and other keepers. Find out if there is a reptile club in your area that you can ask for advice. Take into consideration the space you have for the vivarium, the animal’s home, and how much you can afford. A good set-up for a small animal can be around €200 to 300. Many factors come into consideration; snake, lizard or amphibian? What size will it reach as an adult? Will it need high humidity or dry desert conditions? What size should its vivarium be? What do you feed it?  Where can you buy good quality food for it? Start small, get used to having a small animal and get used to the equipment you will need. Some …

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