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Great Shannon community response to crisis

THERE has been a very good response to the Covid-19 crisis locally, according to Niamh O’Callaghan of the Love Shannon group. One of the few problems she identified is a tendency for young people to still come together, breaching the social distancing requirements. “Kids need to do a lot more, but that’s probably the same in every town in the country. We need to find something for kids to do, they’re bored off their heads. In this weather computer games aren’t necessarily going to kids. It isn’t kids in primary school but young teens, they’re hanging around together and they were causing quite a nuisance in the nighttime,” she said. However most people have done what has been required in the battle to limit the spread of the deadly disease. “In general it has been amazing and the place has been dead. Really, really dead.” Niamh said there have been street parties in certain areas, but with the residents staying …

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