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MS sufferer loses free drugs

THE HSE has been accused of “pulling the carpet from under the feet” of a Doonbeg Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer, following the withdrawal of a free drug. Angela Fitzpatrick has also questioned why the HSE didn’t make the necessary arrangements to pay for an alternative drug before it decided to withdraw the reimbursement of Fampridine from her husband, Nick, under the GMS and other schemes from July 1 next. Nick, who was  diagnosed with MS 12 years ago, at the age of 48, has been taking Fampridine, otherwise known as Famprya, for the last 18 months. “It was a huge shock to us when our pharmacist informed us the drug would be withdrawn and, if we wanted it, we would have to pay between €300 and €500 a month, which isn’t viable for us and other MS sufferers who are on a limited income. “It is scary because his body has got used to this drug now. It would have …

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