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Drinkaware advice on Leaving Cert wind-up

With Clare  Leaving Cert students set to start celebrating the wind up of their exams this weekend, drinkaware.ie is advising them to pace themselves to ensure they ‘ace’ their celebrations. drinkaware.ie – the alcohol social responsibility organisation – is referring students to their “Leaving Cert (and beyond) Survival Guide”, available online at www.drinkaware.ie/publications/leaving-cert-survival-guide. The guide contains lots of really useful tips on making the most of the post-leaving cert celebrations, including: · R-E-S-P-E-C-T – There are loads of people who don’t drink, or aren’t old enough to do it legally, and it’s not your job to give them a hard time about it. Respect other people’s choices, and remember that drinking isn’t the only way to enjoy a party. · Be prepared – Plan how you’re going to get home in advance, so you’re not in danger of being stranded anywhere in the dark. Make sure you have your keys, enough spare cash to get home, and a topped up …

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