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Unresolved concerns over jet ski activity aired at Council

UNRESOLVED concerns over jet-ski activity on East Clare waterways have been raised at the November meeting of Killaloe district councillors.  Councillor Pat Hayes asked that Director of Services Anne Haugh would take up the matter.  “There are issues around Lough Derg in particular,” he said. “These were not resolved over summer. This time of the year is the time to try to get them sorted out. What has resulted so far is not to the satisfaction of councillors. I don’t know how we deal with it, but I would like to see back on agenda.” Ms Haugh suggested that a meeting be arranged with Cyril Feeney, Senior Engineer at the Environment and Water Department. “That would be welcome,” said Councillor Hayes. “There is a petition in circulation and it is something we can’t ignore.” The petition was launched in August, calling for restrictions to protect swimmers at Knockaphort, a popular bathing spot and launch point for vessels sailing to Inis …

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Petition launched over ‘dangerous’ East Clare jet ski activity

JET SKI activity at one of Lough Derg’s most scenic bathing areas has been described as “an accident waiting to happen”.  The issue has prompted a petition calling for restrictions to protect swimmers at Knockaphort, a popular bathing spot and launch point for vessels sailing to Holy Island. Local swimmers have reported a number of near-misses with jet skis. One Mountshannon woman described her own recent experience as “horrific”.  Clí Donnellan told The Champion she was so frustrated with the ongoing problem that she launched the petition last Sunday night on “The situation last weekend was just shocking,” she said. “There is a massive, massive safety issue. Knocaphort is only around 500 metres from Holy Island. There are reeds about halfway between the shore and the island and jet skis just shouldn’t be there, and they certainly shouldn’t be speeding. Swimmers are now reluctant to go into the water because of the danger.” Clí recalled her own recent near-miss …

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Killaloe Coast Guard Tasked To Tackle Speeding Jet Skis

    Jet ski operators, who drive at excessive speed on Lough Derg, are putting the lives of swimmers at risk, Killaloe Coast Guard has warned. Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked to assist local gardai deal with jet skis being operated at dangerous speeds near Killaloe Bridge on Monday and Tuesday. A number of vessels were requested to return to the relevant slipways and the owners were spoken to by Gardai. A Coast Guard spokesman told the Clare Champion that some jet ski operators were driving at speed of up to 60 kilometres an hour near Killaloe Bridge in a speed limit area of about five kilometres. He said some jet skis were doing “doughnuts”, which is akin to doing a hand break turn on the water, which in turn creates a backwash that causes issues for boats being knocked against jetties and swimmers. During periods of hot weather, he said large numbers of young teenagers are congregating and swimmers …

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Killaloe Coast Guard issue jet ski appeal

KILLALOE Coast Guard has appealed to jet ski operators to operate in the open waters of Lough Derg away from restricted zones near the historic bridge. Deputy officer in charge, Damien Madden made the plea after the coast guard unit was tasked twice over the May Bank Holiday weekend to assist Gardai who were having difficulty getting operators to move from particular areas. Mr Madden recalled a number of jet skis were driving at full speed between Ballina slipway and Killaloe Bridge in a five knott speed zone on Saturday, May 30. He said this was dangerous because a number of people were swimming off the pontoon at the back of Tuscany, in spite of no swimming signs, and had to be asked by local gardai to desist. In addition to the noise, he said a jet ski can create a backwash that creates a problem for a person having refreshments on any vessel that is mooring near the bridge. …

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