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‘TrikeBuggy Bullet’ take off fail in Bellharbour

A MAN fractured both his feet and one of his arms attempting lift off in a device known as a “TrikeBuggy Bullet”, effectively a flying tricycle, in Bellharbour. The Air Accident Investigation Unit have just published their report into the incident which happened in June of last year. It found that the flying tricycle just about departed the ground before quickly crashing into a wall at the boundary of the field it was attempting to take off from. One person watching the attempted take off was almost hit by the TrikeBuggy Bullet. The report says, ” All three wheels were off the ground for approximately one second and the trike turned further to the left. The engine noise also increased. When the trike returned to the ground, it was travelling towards the perimeter wall, and was almost perpendicular to it. The trike impacted the wall, nose wheel first. The engine noise decreased just before impact. “The video shows that as …

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