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Community Group Seeks Traffic Calming For O’Brien’s Bridge Crossroads

CLARE County Council has been urged to introduce traffic calming at a “very dangerous” crossroads near O’Brien’ s Bridge to avert a potential fatality. The call was made this week by O’Brien’s Bridge Community Group chairperson, Margaret O’Connor, who said it is essential this crossroads is made safe. The crossroads serves motorists travelling from Limerick to Killaloe and O’Brien’s Bridge to Bridgetown and Broadford. Ms O’Connor outlined this junction can be blind for any motorist exiting from O’Brien’ s Bridge, particularly if they are travelling to Bridgetown because they have to travel far out in the middle of the road with the risk of being hit by a car travelling at speed from the Killaloe or Limerick direction. She pointed out some motorists drive at high speed travelling from Killaloe to Limerick because they view it as a straight road. “From day one, I felt it was not safe. If you were a pedestrian or on a bike, you wouldn’t …

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