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Clare Rejects Family And Care Amendments

  Clare people have decided by an overwhelming majority to reject proposed amendments in the twin Family and Care referendums. The 39th Family Referendum was rejected by more than a two-to-one majority. The No vote totalled 26,574, 67% while 12, 573 voted Yes, 33%. There was also a decisive rejection of the 40th Care Referendum. The votes cast against the proposal came to 28,979, 74%. In total, 10, 132 voted Yes, 26% giving a No majority of 18,848.   The result is an embarrassing verdict for all the political parties, the Government, and organisations who advocated a Yes vote in the two referendums. There were 90,101 people living in Clare who were entitled to vote, but less than half of them chose to do so. The official turnout in Clare was expected 44% after 39,65o people cast their vote. There were 503 spoilt votes giving a valid poll of 39,147. This result means Clare people have decided to reject eight …

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