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Rediscovering the magic of May

The ancient tradition of the May Tree Dance will be celebrated afresh in Carron next month, with members of the public invited to join Edwina Guckian for a one-off event in the Burren. The Clare dancer has discovered ancient descriptions of the dance, which dates back thousands of years, and is using these description to develop of modern approximation of how our ancestors might have danced. The event, which is being organised by the BurrenBeo Trust, will take place in Carron on May 6, but there will be two free workshops this weekend for anyone who wants to learn more about the dance and the ancient pagan May traditions in Clare. “In ancient times people would decorate their May tree, which is usually a hawthorn tree, the tree of the fairies. Bealtaine is a really busy time for the fairies and the devilment that they get up to, or so our ancestors would have believed,” said Edwina. “The idea of …

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